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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

12-02-08 Citizen call leads to vehicle burglars

12-02-08 Citizen call leads to vehicle burglars

    Boise December 2nd, 2008 - An alert citizen's call early this morning led Boise Police to four vehicle burglary suspects.Police also found items stolen from the vehicles and have returned those items to victims.

     "In this case all the vehicles burglarized were left unlocked and parked on the street," said Lt. Alan Cavener, of the Boise Police Patrol Division.  "Locking vehicles and removing valuables is a good way for citizens to protect themselves and avoid becoming a victim of a crime of opportunity," said Lt. Cavener.

    "We also appreciate the citizen who saw something he felt looked suspicious and called police. Citizens know their neighborhood better than anyone. If you see something you think is out of place, call police and we'll check it out. In this case, it helped find four burglary suspects and helped us return stolen items to people who certainly would have missed them," said Lt. Cavener.  

    What happened: At approximately 3:30 a.m. this morning a Boise citizen on the 10,000 block of west Greenleaf Lane, near Five Mile & Fairview, saw several young males behaving in a way the citizen felt was suspicious and called Boise Police. Officers responding to the neighborhood and saw four males shinning flashlights into vehicles. Officers stopped and questioned the suspects and found evidence the four had indeed been burglarizing unlocked vehicles in the area. 

    The suspects included three juvenile males, two 16 years old and one 17, and one 18 year old adult male. After questioning, the three juvenile suspects were taken into juvenile detention on burglary and curfew charges. The police report on the adult suspect will be routed to prosecutors for possible charges.

    Officers were able to recover the items stolen from at least five unlocked vehicles, including DVD's and other personal items, and return them to the victims. 




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Charles McClure 

Boise Police Public Information