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Monday, November 24, 2008

11-24-08 Independant Prosecutor reviews Officer Involved Shooting

11-24-08 Independant Prosecutor reviews Officer Involved Shooting

    News Release from the office of Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs:

     No Charges Will Be Filed in June 5, 2008 Boise Shooting

    Boise, Nov. 24, 2008 - Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs announced today that he will not file criminal chares in the June 5, 2008, Boise incident in which Dorian Michael Willes was shot by Boise City Police Officers. Loebs investigated the matter in conjunction with the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force and under an agreement between the Twin Falls and Ada County Prosecuting Attorney's Offices. The CITF investigation was directed by the Meridian Police Department.

    "I have thoroughly examined the investigation completed by the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force and have met with the officers investigating these events. I have concluded that the Boise City Officers involved in this incident committed no offenses when they discharged their weapons, injuring Mr. Willes," Loebs said.

    "The incident which occurred on June 5, 2008, was unfortunate and has been very difficult for Mr. Willes, his family, and the officers involved. It is regrettable that the chain of events set in motion by Mr. Willes forced officers to shoot him." Loebs said.

    Describing the incident, Loebs said, "On June 5, 2008, the Boise City Police properly responded to reports of drug activity at the Somerset Apartment Complex on Village Lane. As police arrived at that location, they observed a Chevy Suburban being driven erratically. The driver of the Suburban then abruptly stopped and fled into the apartment complex. When police investigated they learned that a person, later identified as Dorian Willes, was hiding in one of the apartments. As they questioned residents, they heard loud noises coming from the apartment, Further investigation showed that Mr. Willes had burrowed through the ceiling of one of the apartments and was crawling into and out of several others in the complex by bashing holes through the walls and ceilings, and kicking in doors," Loebs said.

    "The apartment complex was evacuated for the safety of the residents and the Boise City Special Operations Unit was called in. Officers from the SOU tracked Mr. Willes through the complex, eventually ending up in the basement-which Willes reached by crashing through the wall of one of the apartments he broke into. In the basement, officers found a large hole in the floor covered by plywood. As police began to lift the plywood, Mr. Willes lunged out of the hole screaming that he had a gun and pointing what appeared to be a handgun at the officers. Two officers opened fire with MP5 automatic weapons, seriously wounding Mr. Willes. His "handgun" turned out to be a pistol-grip soldering gun," Loebs said.

    "The officers who shot Mr. Willes acted immediately and in the belief that their actions were needed to defend themselves and their fellow officers. Given the close proximity of Mr. Wiles at the time he lunged at the officers, and the way he wielded the object in his hand, I have concluded that this belief was legitimate. Therefore, no charges will be filed against the officers in this incident," Loebs said.

    Questions about this matter can be directed to Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs at (208) 736-4020.