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Thursday, November 06, 2008

11-06-08 Boise Police Hiring amid news of Corporate Layoffs

11-06-08 Boise Police Hiring amid news of Corporate Layoffs

    The Boise Police Department continues it's aggressive hiring despite recent news of more corporate layoffs. 

    The Boise Police Department's recruitment team is preparing to place new ads in local newspapers, have expanded hiring incentives for those currently in other law enforcement related jobs, and are working to remind Idahoans that law enforcement can be a very attractive first... or second career!

    Facts about the men and women joining the Boise Police Department:

  •     Approx. 50% come from other law enforcement agencies and have chosen BPD as their career destination.
  •     Approx 30% come from other professional careers, including former teachers, accountants, lawyers, military, and a variety of business and corporate positions.
  •     Approx 20% are recent college graduates who have chosen a police career.

    "The Boise Police Department is Idaho's largest police department. We continue to have officers retire and we're still responding to the city's growth. That creates positions that need filled," said Det. Chuck Albanese, a Boise Police background investigator and a recruiting specialist.

    "The Boise Police Department is attractive because jobs are secure with excellent pay and benefits. Police work is also different every day, at times exciting, and very attractive to people who appreciate serving their community," said Det. Albanese.

    Boise Police will place recruitment ads in most daily Southern Idaho newspapers beginning Nov. 23rd. The ads will run periodically until January. 

    Boise Police have recently added lateral hiring benefits to those currently working in probation or parole positions. Lateral hiring means officers or agents currently trained and working in other law enforcement positions may start at BPD with higher salaries more comparable to their former jobs.

    Starting salaries for those with no previous law enforcement experience start between $39,500 and $43,500, based on level of education, along with the excellent benefits that come with being an officer on the Boise Police Department and an employee of the City of Boise.

    Facts about BPD Employees:

  •     Authorized for 325 sworn officers.
  •     Currently have 12 vacant positions.
  •     Will be testing for new officers January 10th.

    The 12 open positions are for existing, budgeted positions within the department's authorized strength, not new positions.

    "The Boise Police Department has one of the most progressive programs in the country to train new officers, help them succeed, and provide dozens of specialty units they can choose to move into," said Det. Albanese.

    "From the mentoring program to assist new officers, to post-employment health benefits for retirees, Boise PD is a very attractive employer for those looking for a professional, dynamic, service-oriented career," said Det. Albanese. "Boise PD is a place where people chose to spend their entire careers."

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