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Friday, September 19, 2008

09-18-08 Citizen Alert - More Complaints on Unlicensed Pavers

09-18-08 Citizen Alert - More Complaints on Unlicensed Pavers

    Boise, Sept. 19, 2008 - Boise Police want to alert citizens that several residents have called police complaining of door to door paving sales. Officers caution citizens from doing business with anyone who does not have a valid city soliciting license, or contractors not licensed to work in Idaho.

    Several citizens from Southeast Boise and the Broadway area have called their Neighborhood Contact Officers this week complaining about the door to door solicitors. Citizens say the pavers tell them they're with an out of town contractor working nearby, and they have extra asphalt. They offer to pave the citizens driveway, claiming the rate will be reduced, however citizens say the pavers won't give a price claiming they can't until the job is done.

    Officers want to alert citizens that so called transient unregistered asphalt pavers were in Idaho earlier this summer offering citizens similar deals. When they did paving jobs, citizens reported that the work was shoddy and the prices became outrageous, often double or triple what was initially quoted. These pavers often drive new pick ups that may have out of state license plates, however their construction equipment is often found to have numerous safety and equipment violations. 

    As Boise Police were investigated these reports, one man was arrested for driving an dump truck with asphalt in it that officers say was not safe to be on the road. The dump truck had Utah plates. The driver of the vehicle, Garland Lee Nichols, 48, of Olbana, Ohio was arrested after Boise Police and Ada County Sheriff's Commercial Vehicle Inspectors found the truck and driver to be in violation of a number of state and federal safety regulations. Officers impounded the truck pending repair of the numerous safety and equipment violations. 

   The Boise Better Business Bureau also offers this advice:

  • That citizens do not do business with out of state companies claiming to offer below-market deals on asphalt paving.
  • Citizens request to see the company’s permit to solicit, Idaho Contractor’s License and proof of worker’s comp insurance.
  • Consumers seeking a business to perform asphalt paving are encouraged to contact the BBB at 342-4649 or for a free reliability report.