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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Retirement Rico & Bogey

Happy Retirement Rico & Bogey

Photos, left to right:    

    Officer Randy Arthur (right) pets Police Service Dog Rico as Rico is draped with a retirement medal by Bench Patrol Capt. Eugene Smith, honoring Rico for his eight years of service to the Boise community.

    Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson presents Detective Jeff Wudarcki with a plaque and holds a bag of tennis balls for Bogey, honoring Bogey's six years of service to Boise and the nation as an ATF explosives detection dog.

    Several members of the Boise Police K9 team, including airport and patrol K9 teams look on as Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson reads the accomplishments of Rico (left) and Bogey (just off camera to the right).


   Boise, July 23, 2008 - Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson was joined by dozens of officers, department employees and volunteers, members of the Boise PD Honor Guard and City of Boise Pipes and Drums, in a special ceremony wishing well to a very accomplished pair of new retirees; Bogey and Rico, two Boise Police service dogs.

    The dogs and their handlers were honored for their service during the ceremony, presented plaques with dog tags, a super-sized dog bone, a bag of tennis balls, and the dogs were draped with a ribbon for their years of hard work. Both police service dogs and their handlers have a long list of accomplishments, both locally and nationally.

    Rico and handler, Officer Randy Arthur:

    Rico is a 10 year old Belgian Malinois, who joined BPD in June of 2000. 

    Rico’s nose has accounted for more than 20-thousand dollars in cash seizures alone from patrol officers’ traffic stops over his eight years of service to this community.

    Among Rico's credits as a patrol dog; a find of a quarter pound of meth hidden under the hood of a truck and the five-thousand dollars cash that was hidden under the rear wheel well of that same truck; a large amount of crystal meth en route from Las Vegas to Boise hidden in a magnetic stash box Rico found under the back bumper of a stolen vehicle; and a find of a small amount of marijuana stuffed in with the four-thousand-dollars cash in a bag on a suspected local drug dealer's floorboard.

    Rico also accounted for numerous apprehensions of suspects that posed significant safety risks to officers and citizens.Rico and his handler, Officer Randy Arthur have represented the Boise Police Department admirably in numerous police canine competitions throughout Idaho. He's competed in 6 different K9 trials and collected 12 separate top awards. 

    Bogey and handler, Det. Jeff Wudarcki:

    Bogey is an 8½ year old black lab and has served as an ATF certified explosive detection dog.

    Bogey and his handler, Detective Jeff Wudarcki were both specially trained for this assignment by the ATF, and Boise Police would like to thank the ATF for their partnership with Bogey.

    Since joining the Boise Police Department six years ago, Bogey has worked many different assignments, including security at the National Governors Conference in Boise, the World Series in 2002, the National Governors Conferences in 2003 in Indianapolis and 2004 in Seattle, the 9th Circuit Judges Annual Conference in 2005 in Spokane, and for the PGA Gold Championships in 2006 in Chicago.

    Bogey has helped ensure security at just about every major event in Boise in recent years where explosive sweeps were needed. He's assisted in dozens of Boise area police investigations, including searches for evidence at shootings scenes, searching for guns or explosives during the execution of search warrants, and in one case, locating an actual explosive device during a search warrant in a neighboring community.

    Bogey and Rico are also local celebrities of sorts. Both canines and their handlers have done numerous talks and demonstrations for Boise area community groups and school children.

    Chief Masterson, on behalf of all the citizens in the community, wishes both Rico and Bogey a future of nothing but sniffing out tennis balls and dog bones, and took the retirement ceremony as an opportunity to thank all the Boise Police K9's and handlers for their service in officer and public safety.

    Background: History of Boise PD K9 Program

    Boise PD began a patrol K9 program in 1996. Since that time, the program has expanded to include:

  • four patrol service dogs
  • five airport service dogs
  • one Neighborhood Contact Officer dog
  • ATF certified explosive detection dogs

    The Boise Police canine teams are used in a variety of ways while deployed on shift with their officer handlers.

    One of the most common uses is for drug detection when patrol officers have arrested a suspect and have probable cause to believe illegal drugs may be present in vehicles, buildings or other locations. Because of the extensive training the canines receive, and their acute sense of smell, they are extremely effective in locating hidden drugs. 

    BPD patrol K9’s and their handlers are also specially trained to locate and apprehend violent criminal suspects, and to locate articles dropped or hidden by fleeing suspects.

    Boise Police have a long-standing partnership with federal law enforcement, specifically the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The A-T-F provides funding for dogs and training, and Boise Police assist the feds with safety and security at specific, high-profile events. In return, these dogs and handlers are trained and available here in Boise to respond to local needs related to detection of explosives and firearms related evidence. 

    Now Boise Police, with the addition of the Boise Airport assignment, another five K9’s with their handlers have been added to the BPD K9 team. These dogs are specifically trained in airport security needs.

    All these dogs are specially trained, and come on duty every day ready to work hard for their handlers and to ensure the safety and security of the citizens who live, work and visit the City of Boise.