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Sunday, July 27, 2008

07-27-08 Accidents Prompt Special DUI Patrol

07-27-08 Accidents Prompt Special DUI Patrol

    Boise, July 27, 2008 - Boise Police have responded to two accidents within the past few days, both apparently caused by drivers being intoxicated after floating the river. 

   As a result, this weekend the Boise Police Night STEP Team (DUI patrol unit), with assistance from the downtown patrol team, conducted two short, but focused patrols looking for DUI drivers in the area of Eckert Rd. and Barber Park. Floaters take out at Ann Morrison Park and many take the shuttle back to Barber Park where they parked their cars.

    "So far, no one's been seriously hurt in the accidents we've responded to that appear to follow a day of floating, but we don't want to see anyone hurt or killed when a day of fun turns tragic." said Sgt. Lori Sperry of the Boise Police Night STEP Team.

    "What's people often don't realize, is heat exaggerates the effects of alcohol," said Sgt. Sperry. "People drinking alcohol out in the sun can get more intoxicated quicker than they think."

    About the float-related DUI patrols:

  • Conducted Friday, July 25 & Sat., July 26
  • approx. 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. 
  • neighborhoods near Barber Park & Echert Rd.
  • approx. 13 officers involved

     Friday & Saturday:  

  • Officers made approx 36 traffic stops
  • 6 DUI arrests
  • 7 drivers found Driving Without Privileges
  • 7 other traffic citations issued

    "To find this number of DUI drivers in such a short time in such a small area shows this is a problem," said Sgt. Sperry. "We do plan on sending our teams back out to this area to be sure floaters get home safely."