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Thursday, July 03, 2008

07-03-08 Arrest Highlights Increase In Fraud

07-03-08 Arrest Highlights Increase In Fraud

Boise July 3rd, 2008 - Boise Police Detectives are seeing an increase in out of state fraud, similar to the case of a California woman arrested yesterday.

Yolanda Archuleta was arrested yesterday and charged with multiple felony crimes committed over the last few days. Archuleta would approach a bank branch with a forged check for a large amount to deposit into a legitimate bank account. Archleta would use false or stolen identification.  She would then ask for a portion of the deposit back in cash. Detectives say using this method she was able to steal more than seventeen thousand dollars over three days using several bank branches.

  "We are seeing more and more out of state criminals coming to communities like Boise to commit fraud." Says Detective Wade Spain of the Boise Police Department. "Often the accounts people are defrauding come from other states. These people just use the local branch to complete the crime!" "The cooperation between law enforcement and financial institutions is critical in identifying this type of crime early on because these individuals rarely stay for long." 

Over the last 2 months detectives have investigated at least 4 similar crimes in the area involving traveling out of state fraud suspects. 

Arrested: Yolanda Michelle Archuleta, 29 years old of Los Angeles California

Charges: 4 counts of Felony Burglary, 4 counts of Felony Grand Theft, Fugitive to Idaho


Anyone with further information in this incident is urged to call crime stoppers at 343-COPS


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Charles McClure

Boise Police Public Information