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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

07-01-08 Citizen Alert - Officers Enforce Dog Laws in Parks

07-01-08 Citizen Alert - Officers Enforce Dog Laws in Parks

    Boise, July 1, 2008 - Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officers today spent the morning patrolling several parks where citizens have complained about dogs running off leash.

    Eight officers observed five parks from the North End to the West Boise. The special patrol lasted about four hours this morning, from 7:30 a.m. to approx. 11:30 a.m. Officers wrote four citations to dog owners for allowing their dogs off leash. The citations are a violation of Boise City Parks Ordinance, and include a $25 fine plus court costs, which comes to a total fine of $66.50.

    Parks patrolled this morning include: 

- Camel's Back Park, 1200 W. Heron St. = 3 citations written

- Elm Grove Park, 2200 W. Irene St. - 1 citation written

- Willow Lane Park & Athletic Complex, 4623 W. Willow Lane

- Cottonwood Park, 4350 N. Colonial Parkway

- Sunset, 2625 N. 32nd St.

    All the parks patrolled this morning have been the subject of citizens complaints about dogs off leash. Complaints have come into the mayors office hotline, directly to the Boise Police or Boise Parks & Recreation Departments, and some have gone directly to Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officers.

    The BPD Neighborhood Contact Officers are a unit dedicated to neighborhood problem solving. The NCO patrols this morning were meant to supplement patrols given to Boise City Parks by other Boise Police units. Boise PD bike officers typically patrol parks downtown and along the Greenbelt. Patrol officers assigned to specific areas also patrol neighborhood parks.

    Officers say they didn't see a lot of dogs in the parks this morning. Of those seen, most owners did have their dogs leashed, and officers saw several dog owners carrying bags to pick up after their dogs as well.

    The special patrols given to parks this morning will not be the last. Officers say more park patrols will be organized, with the goal of keeping the parks safe, comfortable places for all to enjoy.



    Boise, June 30th, 2008 - Boise Police are sending a caution to dog owners who fail to follow city parks laws: keep dogs on a leash or risk a ticket. 

    Tuesday morning, July 1st, Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officers will give special enforcement to Boise City Parks where dogs running off leash is prohibited. Officers will also be watching for citizens who fail to pick up after their dogs. The fine for each city parks violation is $25 plus court costs, which totals $66.50.

    Tuesday's patrols are a response to numerous recent citizen complaints about dogs running off leash in city parks, and owners who fail to pick up after the dogs in city parks.

    "Parks rules are meant for safety, and to make city parks as enjoyable as they can be for the thousands of people who use our parks every day," says Boise Police Sgt. Paul Burch. "Citizens complain that dogs running loose threatens the safety of children playing. Citizens also complain when they see dog waste in a park. Boise parks are clearly marked as to what the rules are for dogs. We want everyone to be aware of those rules, and to let folks know there can be consequences when they chose not to follow those rules."

    Tuesday morning's patrol will likely be the first to several planned throughout the summer to educate dog owners and enforce city parks ordinances.

    There are several places in Boise where dog owners may allow their dogs to run off leash. The Boise City Parks & Recreation Department has  dog etiquette clearly featured on the department's web page. For more, please log onto: