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Friday, June 20, 2008

06-20-08 Volunteers Needed for Western States Police-Fire Games

06-20-08 Volunteers Needed for Western States Police-Fire Games

    Boise, June 20, 2008 - The count down is on to one of the biggest sporting events ever to be held in the Treasure Valley, and you have a chance to help Boise and the Treasure Valley shine!

    Volunteers are needed for the Western States Police-Fire Games coming to Idaho August 16 - 23. About 1,000 community volunteers are needed to help at sporting events set for sites all over the Valley, for sports from angling to wrestling, darts to dodgeball, bowling, basketball, police service dog, trap, triathlon, and dozens of other events.

    Volunteers will help at all 62 sporting events set for 53 different venues, from Ontario to Caldwell to Boise. Organizers say volunteering will be some work but a ton of fun, and a chance to represent Idaho to visitors from all over the west.

    To volunteer, log onto: and scroll down to "Volunteer" and follow instructions

    "We think it's going to be a wonderful event for people to participate in, it's going to be great for the entire Valley," said Officer Mike Perkins of the Boise Police Department, and a volunteer himself helping organize the games. 

    "We expect economically to bring in about $12 million in a week to the Valley, to the different businesses and the hotel community. We're really looking forward to that, especially in these economic times, to give people a shot in the arm, and to show off Boise." said Officer Perkins.

    Game organizers expect about 4,000 competitors plus their friends and families to attend the games, being hosted in Idaho for the first time ever. Organizers hope the event is such a success, Boise will be asked to host the games again!

    "This is an opportunity for us to shine here in the Treasure Valley, for the police, for the fire, and for the public," said Capt. Kevin Gould, a Boise City Firefighter and also a volunteer organizer of the games.

    "Every event is free admission, open to the public, and we think it will be a great event and a great time." said Capt. Gould. "We'll provide volunteers with t-shirts and lunches, they get to mingle with the police and firefighters, they get to be part of everything. So it should be a great opportunity to volunteer for your community." 

    Again, to volunteer, log onto:, scroll down to "Volunteer".