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Friday, June 20, 2008

06-20-08 UPDATE: IdahoIDme Web Site is Helping Solve Crimes!

06-20-08 UPDATE: IdahoIDme Web Site is Helping Solve Crimes!

    Boise, June 20, 2008 - Boise Police and other law enforcement agencies are solving more crimes, thanks to a new web site, but detectives say even more cases could be solved if more citizens took a few minutes to log on! (Idaho ID me) features photos of suspects, potential witnesses and persons of interest connected to crimes all over Southern Idaho. The site has been active since January and already officers have identified about a half-dozen suspects pictured on the web site thanks to citizens help.

    "It's a way for the public to help us since we can't be all places at all times," said Det. Wade Spain of the Boise Police Department who organizes and manages the web site. "We need the public's help in solving crimes, and this way uses technology to help us do that."

    Currently the site has 26 photos of people police would like to identify from several police agencies including Boise, Garden City, Nampa, Meridian & Ontario, and Ada County. Det. Spain says the site is open to all Southern Idaho law enforcement. He's urging citizens from each community to log on as well.

   "We're trying to get this site usable from all over the area, from Ontario to Twin Falls and the Cassia County area, as far north as McCall, clear down to Owyhee County, to make it a regional resource, not just a Boise thing. We'd like to offer this site to police agencies from all those areas to submit photos, and we urge people from every community to start looking at the photos."

    The site is fairly unique in law enforcement. Only a handfull of other areas use a web site like The Idaho site is modeled after a similar site that's been very successful at solving crimes in the Portland, Oregon metro area.

    Citizens can log onto the site directly, or find links at or

  •, Southern Idaho crimes
  • photos of suspects, witnesses, persons of interest
  • most are retail or bank crimes    
  • If you recognize someone you can
    • Click on the  photo for a direct e-mail to the investigator, or
    • Call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.