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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

06-03-08 Proactive Domestic Violence Follow Up

06-03-08 Proactive Domestic Violence Follow Up

    Boise, June 3, 2008 - Boise Police followed up on dozens of domestic violence cases over the weekend with what officers call a "knock and talk", simply knocking on victims doors and talking to them about their case and if the victims need any further police assistance.

    "Domestic violence is unique in that the offender typically does not leave the victim's life. As long as the offender is around, law enforcement needs to be around," said Det. Matt Brechwald who organized the proactive follow up.

    "We want the offenders to know police will follow up on these cases, and if there are more violations, the offender will be held accountable." said Det. Brechwald.

    What Happened: 

  • Sunday morning, June 1st, Det. Brechwald organized two uniformed patrol teams (16 officers) to do the domestic violence follow up.
  • 30 different addresses where checked where victims had reported domestic violence incidents in the recent past. Victims included 29 women and one man.
  • Personal contact was made with 11 victims. Other victims were found to have moved so addresses were updated, or officers left a business card on the door to let the victim's know they'd stopped by.
  • Further police assistance was offered to the victims, including the possibility for more enforcement or investigation, or victim counseling services through Boise Police Victim-Witness Advocates.

    "The officers tell me the response from these victims was very positive, they were very thankful for the follow up assistance offered." said Det. Brechwald.

    The proactive follow up is a new practice begun recently by Boise Police. Officers say national research finds this type of proactive police contact, before another crime is reported, can often mean fewer or less violent crimes reported.

    "This is definitely a program we plan to continue." said Det. Brechwald.