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Friday, May 02, 2008

050208 - Underage Drinking Enforcement - Education Continues

050208 - Underage Drinking Enforcement - Education Continues

    Boise, May 2, 2008 - Boise Police have cited or arrested 30 people during special patrols recently aimed at reducing underage drinking. The enforcement is part of, what will be summer-long education and enforcement program aimed at reducing instances and dangers from underage drinking.

    Recent enforcement is a continuation of a project that began in March of last year (see release dated 03-21-07 at The project has already involved several education campaigns and enforcement efforts (most recent - see released dated 04-08-08).

    "We're asking the community to join us in protecting our kids by not buying or supplying alcohol to teens, and to report people or places who do." said officer Jermaine Galloway of the Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Unit. "Alcohol is responsible for accidents that cause injury, even death to our young people who otherwise have great futures. We want to avoid tragedies."

    Citizens are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS if they have information on establishments selling alcohol to minors.

    Recent Enforcement: 

    Thursday, May 1st, and Saturday, April 12th, Boise Police, partnering with the Alcohol Beverage Control Unit of the Idaho State Police conducted an undercover investigation outside several stores where alcohol is sold. Teens, who are part of the investigation, asked adults outside the stores to buy them alcohol. This is a scenario that teens tell officers is often a successful way for them to obtain alcohol.

    Violations were found at several locations around the city. Some locations were targeted by police after reports of teens buying or being supplied alcohol there.

    Boise Police will continue these and other efforts to reduce underage drinking throughout the summer.

    Last nights investigation found:

  • 4 People cited for purchasing alcohol for a minor. All the adults purchased alcohol for the minor, and delivered it to them.
  • 1 convenience store cited for over service (an intoxicated man was sold alcohol by the clerk. The man later blew a .24 and was arrested on Public Intoxication charges).
  • 2 Minors cited for consumption of alcohol.
  • 1 Open Container Violation

    Enforcement effort April 12:

  • 11 Adults cited for selling to minors.
  • 1 business cited for selling alcohol to a minor.
  • 4 open container violations.
  • 2 Marijuana possession citations.
  • 1 Drug paraphernalia violation.
  • 1 Reckless Driving arrest.
  • 2 Minors cited for consumption of alcohol.