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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

05-21-08 Arrest of Bank Robbery Suspect

05-21-08 Arrest of Bank Robbery Suspect

    Boise, May 21, 2008 - Boise Police have charged a man with robbing a bank after he was found just minutes later, and just hours after the suspect was released from the Idaho State Prison.

    Suspect: Robbie D. Crow, 46

    Charge: Robbery (F)

   What Happened: At 1:04 p.m. Boise Police were called to a robbery of the DL Evans bank on the corner of Cole and Emerald. Witnesses, both inside and outside the bank, told officers a man walked into the bank and demanding money in an aggressive tone indicating he had a weapon, although no weapon was seen. The man left the bank on foot with an undisclosed amount of money.

    Witnesses were able to quickly give officers a good description of the suspect. He was described as a light skinned bald man wearing a white shirt and grey pants.

    "When citizens report crimes quickly and act as good witnesses, giving us good suspect descriptions and details, that greatly increases our chance of making arrests, just like what happened today," said Boise Police Lt. Tony Plott. "The witnesses did just what they should do, and we had great cooperation from Ada County Deputies who actually located the suspect within moments of the crime."

    Two Ada County Sheriff's Deputies, Lt. Mike Schneider and Sgt. Tom Briggs were nearby at the police/sheriff's headquarters on Barrister when the alert came out to area law enforcement to search for the suspect. The deputies quickly went to join police in the search. They entered the parking lot of the Boise Towne Square Mall from Cole north of Dillard's where they saw a man walking through the parking lot matching the description. The deputies approached the man and he ran into the north entrance of the store. The deputies quickly followed. A store employee pointed out which direction the suspect had run. In moments, the deputies found the suspect hiding inside a round rack of pants. Officers say it's likely neither shoppers or other store employees were even aware what had happened since the arrest happened so quickly and peacefully.

    The suspect was immediately turned over to Boise Police for questioning. After some follow up investigation, Crow was charged for the robbery.

    Boise Police detectives say Crow was found with evidence linking him to the crime. No weapon has been found. 

    According to a spokesperson for the Idaho Department of Corrections, Crow was released from ICC south of Boise just this morning. Crow was reportedly taken from the prison by cab to a local apartment and was to be on supervised parole. Crow had been serving a 2 - 12 year sentence for Sexual Battery of a Minor Child 16 - 17 out of Kootenai County. He was sentenced April 14, 2000.