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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

05-20-08 Arrests Follow Vandalism

05-20-08 Arrests Follow Vandalism

    Boise, May 20, 2007 - Four men believed to be passing through Boise were arrested on vandalism and other charges last night after citizens reported tires being slashed in a nearby park.

    Suspect: Shaun M. Russell, 28, Spring Valley, Illinois

    Charge: Malicious Injury to Property (F)

    Suspect: Mark A., Middleton, 19, Klamath Falls, Oregon

    Charge: Malicious Injury to Property (F)

    Suspect: Corey W. Middleton, 20, El Sabtanti, Calif.

    Charges: Carrying Concealed Weapon (m), Public Intoxication (m)

    Suspect: Bryon F. Rabanal, 22, transient

    Charge: Carrying Concealed Weapon (m), Public Intoxication (m)

        What Happened: About 8:40 p.m. last night, officers were called to Julia Davis park after a citizen called to report tires were slashed on his SUV as well as a second SUV parked nearby. The victim had seen two men standing near the vehicles and gave officers a description. As officers searched for the suspects, they asked passing citizens if they'd seen two men matching the descriptions. Citizens pointed officers west. Officers located the two suspects in the bushes near Capital Blvd. As officers approached, they saw both men take knives from their pockets and throw them on the ground. One suspect had a pit bull dog. Officers confirmed these two suspects were the men seen by victims who had their tires slashed, damage that amounted to more than $1,000, and the suspects, Shaun Russell and Mark Middleton, were taken into custody. Officers called Ada County Animal Control to take the dog to the Humane Society while it's owner was taken to jail.

    At the time Russell and M. Middleton were being taken into custody, officers saw two other men nearby throwing handfulls of paper and other objects onto the grass. As officers walked toward the men, both took knives out of their pockets and also tossed them to the ground. Both appeared extremely intoxicated. Both suspects, idetified as Cory Middleton and Ryron Rabanal were arrested on the above charges.

    A citizen who had spoken to the men earlier told officers the suspects told her they were passing through Boise on their way to a mountain gathering.