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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

03-11-08 IA report: Complaints Down

03-11-08 IA report: Complaints Down

    Boise. March 11, 2008 - Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson reported to the Mayor and City Council this afternoon that citizen complaints against Boise Police Officers continued a downward trend in 2007.

    The Chief reviewed with the Council the 2007 Office of Internal Affairs Annual Report, a detailed statistical analysis of complaints, compliments, and use of force. 2007 Statistics in the report include:

  • 12 Class I (more serious complaints) in 2007; down 48% from 2006 (23), down 55% from 2003 (27).
  • 15 Class II (less serious complaints) down 21% from 2006 (19) and down 68% from 2003 (47).

    "Professional standards and community accountability are important for a progressive, contemporary police agency," said Chief Masterson. "There's a need for a high degree of trust to exist between a police agency and the people they serve. Part of that trust is derived by being accountable for our actions and sharing the findings of our investigations with our elected officials and our community."

    The 2007 IA report also highlights the recent review by the Boise Police Department and the office of the Ombudsman on the City's new Public Intoxication ordinance.

    "This report reflects, I believe, the dedicated efforts of our officers and employees in achieving success in many critical areas of public service," said Chief Masterson.

    The full 2007 Office of Internal Affairs Annual Report can be viewed at, click on the Office of Professional Standards and Internal Affairs Division.