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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boise Crime Rate Report - Crime Rate Dropping

Boise Crime Rate Report - Crime Rate Dropping

    For the complete preliminary 2007 year-end Boise City crime statistics, please click on Crime Stats & Maps, then the Statistical Report Quarter 4, 2007  


    Boise, Feb. 26, 2008 - Boise's crime rate, crimes adjusted per 100,000 population, has dropped 37% over the past decade, Boise Chief of Police Michael Masterson reported to the Boise City Council today, including an 8% decrease in the crime rate between 2006 and 2007.

    Chief Masterson also reported the number of burglaries in the city is as low as it's been in more than 30 years (since 1975). Nearly all categories of major violent crimes, when adjusted for the city's population growth, have dropped significantly in the past decade, noting a larger drop over the past five years.

    However, Chief Masterson also noted an increase in fraud, particularly retail fraud cases, an increase in graffiti, and a continuing issue with family violence as causes for concern in Idaho's Capital City.

    Statistics of Note 1998 - 2007:  (please note: "crime index" reporting is the national standard for crime adjusted per 100,000 population)

  • Boise City population increase: 27% (source: COMPASS)
  • Top Eight Crime Index decrease: 20% (Top Eight Crimes include murder, rape, robbery, agg aslt/battery, burglary, theft, vehicle theft, arson.)
  • Overall Crime Index decrease: 37% (includes Top Eight, and many more Group A & Group B IBR crimes, see - crime stats)

    Neighborhood Statistics 2006 - 2007: (the following are not "indexed" but simply the reported number of crimes)

  • Core Downtown Neighborhood - Crime down 12% in 2007 (includes 4 reporting districts in the downtown business core)
  • Core Bench Neighborhoods - Crime down 20% in 2007 (includes 4 reporting districts in the city's major retail core, bordered by Curtis, Fairview, Maple Grove & Franklin.)

    In presenting the annual performance report to the City Council, Chief Masterson praised efforts within the Boise Police Department and the community for helping catch criminals, reduce crime, and maintain safe, livable neighborhoods.

    "These statistics mean fewer crime victims," said Chief Masterson, "Instead we see more citizens who say they feel secure in their neighborhoods. A decrease in crime is particularly notable in the core downtown area where hundreds of people from all over the Valley work, and in the neighborhoods and businesses around Milwaukee, Fairview to Franklin, the busiest shopping district in the state."

    "This report reflects the high quality services delivered daily be employees of the Boise Police Department, both sworn and non-sworn, a continuation of the professional response citizens have come to expect and depend on, and results that only come thanks to years of cooperation between citizens of this community and it's police department," said Chief Masterson.

    "Overall, Boise’s crime statistics continue to defy the national trend." said Mayor David Bieter. "These numbers prove the value of strong community policing, our ongoing partnerships with neighborhoods and businesses, and the great work of our law enforcement officers."

    Just prior to delivering the report to the Mayor and Council, Chief Masterson recognized two Boise citizens, David Dietz and Angel Santiago, Sr. for helping thwart a robbery at a Boise convenience store earlier in February. The Chief presented the two men with Boise PD Citizen Commendations on behalf of their quick thinking, courage, and outstanding citizenship.

    Other Stats of note:

  • Graffiti reports increase 20% 2007 over 2006 (490 cases in 2006; 591 cases in 2007... up from 194 cases in 2004)
  • Fraud reports increase 13% 2007 over 2006 (828 cases in 2006; 934 cases in 2007... up from 556 cases in 2004)
  • Domestic Violence related Aggravated Assault/Battery/Strangulation stay consistent at approx. 65 felony cases each of the past four years.
  • Domestic non-violent crimes increase from 65 cases in 2004 to 140 cases in 2007. 

    Chief Masterson explained to the Boise City Council that the Boise Police Department is working closely with partners including the Boise City Attorney's Office, FACES, and the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence to review domestic violence criminal procedures and make any possible process improvements. 

    Boise Police and their partners against domestic violence also continue to make every effort to educate citizens who may be in abusive relationships that there is a number of community resources available to assist them.

    For complete statistics on Boise City crime stats, please log onto and click on Crime Stats.