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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

02-27-08 Man Jumps From Overpass

02-27-08 Man Jumps From Overpass

Boise February 27th, 2008 - A Boise Police Officer made a traffic stop for speeding on the couplet at approximately 00:48 hours this morning. Brigham C. Von Stetten stopped his vehicle on the out bound couplet (I-184) at Fairview and started to run away on foot. Von Stetten jumped over the cement barrier and fell 23" to a landscaped area on the west side of Main street. Von Stetten injured his left leg from the fall and was unable to run further. 

Von Stetton was transported to the hospital because of his injuries. Boise Police will be routing hte charges of DUI and possession of a controlled substance to the prosecutor for review and charges. 

Release Prepared By:

Lt. Stan Niccolls