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Friday, January 25, 2008

01-25-08 Man Cited and Released After Breeching Airport Security

01-25-08 Man Cited and Released After Breeching Airport Security
Boise, Jan. 25, 2007 - 4:27 p.m. - Boise Police have cited a California man for breeching airport security.
      The breech caused the Boise Airport to be closed for approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes as Boise Police and the TSA investigated the breech.
      Cited: Jesse Flores, 38, Victorville, California
      Flores received a citation charging him with a misdemeanor crime of failure to be screened before entering a secure area. The violation is a misdemeanor under Boise City code. The violation is punishable by a fine of up to $300 or 6 months in the county jail. The suspect also faces possible civil penalties imposed by the Dept. of Homeland Security of fines up to $3,000.
      What Happened: at 12:06 p.m. a man entered the airport concourse through an exit door. How the man entered is still under investigation by the TSA.
      Airport passengers observed the man enter through the exit doors and alerted TSA personnel. TSA personnel alerted Boise Police who handle criminal response for the airport. The breech of security was confirmed on airport security cameras and a search of the concourse began by Boise Police and TSA. When the subject could not be located, approx. 15 minutes later, a decision was made by the airport director to clear the concourses and all commercial aircraft that were still on the ground. That process took about 50 minutes.
      Security check points were re-opened. All passengers were re-screened.
      While the airport concourses were being evacuated, officers were checking local car rental companies. At the first rental car company officers checked, employees recognized the man as a regular customer.
      At the same time, a shoe shine employee came forward with information he had on a possible identity of the man who breeched security. Officers were able to get the man's cell phone number and call him. He acknowledged to officers on the phone that he breeched security to get his shoes shined.
   The man was ordered to come back to the airport, which he did, where he was questioned by Boise Police and TSA investigators. Officers say he was very cooperative and unaware of the consequences of his actions. He was cited and released.
      Airport officers say the evacuation of the airport was very orderly. They thank airport employees and customers for their cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience.