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Thursday, December 27, 2007

12-27-07 New Boise Police Academy Graduates First Class

12-27-07 New Boise Police Academy Graduates First Class

    Boise, Dec. 27th 2007- new Boise Police officers will graduate today as part of the first class to complete the new Boise Police Academy. The Boise Police Department is the first and only department in Idaho to have it's own academy, as a pilot project approved by the Idaho POST Council. The new Boise Police Academy means new officers will receive their POST certification through their attendance without the need to attend a second POST academy. This has been accomplished by a partnership between POST and the Boise Police Department to expand the BPD academy to encompass each of the training areas covered by POST but with a focus on the methods and issues unique to the City of Boise.

    The new Boise Police Academy is certified by the Idaho POST Council, with graduating officers receiving the same certification as those who attend the Idaho POST Academy. The Boise Police Academy will use certified expert trainers from within the Boise Police Department and our city legal team and Ada County paramedics to train the new officers.

    The benefits of the new Boise Police Academy include:

  • Training specific to police work in Idaho's busy Capital City, an urban environment unique to Idaho.
  • New officers will be prepared for duty faster, a savings of approx. 10 weeks in training time over the previous program that included attendance at POST.
  • Boise officers attending their own academy will free up space at Idaho POST for faster training of new officers from other Idaho law enforcement agencies.
  • Boise PD will trade approx. $40,000 in salaries for this first class that would have been spent on training, that will now be spent on officers working the streets, thanks to the quicker training time.

    The new graduates of the first class of the Boise Police Academy now begin a 14-week training program with an officer in the field. 

"we appreciate the confidence and support by the peace officer's standard's and training council in allowing us to conduct this pilot program!" Says Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson. "This class has already identified valuable improvements we have incorporated into our future academies. My personal gratitude goes to our training staff, our cadre of 41 instructors, and our 9 new student officers for their willingness to participate and learn from this new initiative!" 

    The Boise Police Academy is a one year pilot program between the City of Boise and the Idaho POST Council. At the end of one year, after approx. three academy classes have graduated, the training program will be evaluated by leaders of both the Boise Police Department and the POST Council to see how the program should continue.