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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

12-18-07 Women Become "Queen for a Day"

12-18-07 Women Become "Queen for a Day"

    Boise, Dec. 18, 2007 - Some 30 women, all whose lives have been touched by crime, enjoyed an afternoon of pampering as they became "Queen for a Day", thanks to some talented students at a local cosmetology school and a generous donation from a downtown clothing boutique!

    "It's been so fun!", said Shaunerie, a woman from Boise who was asked to take part in the event. "It's the most awesome thing. I've never been able to do anything like this before!"

     Most of the women receiving the makeovers have worked with the Ada County, Boise City Victim - Witness unit, many through domestic violence cases. The women were asked to be part of the program by the law enforcement victim-witness advocates.

    "Most of my time is spent taking care of kids," said Shaunerie. "For me to get time for myself like this in just amazing."

    Lain Moore, a student at D'Shaw Institute of of Cosmetology says the idea came to students and staff at the school as they considered ways they could use their talents to help those who could use a lift in spirit this time of year.

    "We all wanted to do something for the community," said Moore. "This idea made sense because we knew these women deserved some help and they really appreciate it."

    "The bottom line is, all these women are someone's mother, daughter, or sister," said Ren Shaw, owner of the D'Shaw Institute of Cosmetology. 

    "If I knew someone in need, I'd hope there would be someone to help them out. It makes all of us feel good to help these women feel good about themselves." said Shaw.

    "When crime touches lives, it can often be a traumatic, life-changing experience," said Tina Perkins, supervisor of the Boise Police Victim-Witness Advocate unit. "For these women, many of whom are care-givers for others, to take the time to give to themselves can be a huge step in rebuilding their lives and families. As victim witness coordinators we respond to tragic events. It rejuvenates us to respond to something this positive."

    15 of the cosmetology students helped make the women "Queen for a Day," will new hair styles and make up. 

    The Foxtrot Style for Living Boutique also made sure each woman left with a new outfit of the latest styles from the trendy downtown slothing shop.

    "Watching someone walk in with a frown, then leave with a new look, a new outfit, and a new sass in their step, it's been a great day. Just really a happy day around here." said Moore.