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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Friday, December 14, 2007

12-14-07 Collision Reminder to Cyclists, Motorists - Be Careful During the Morning Commute!

12-14-07 Collision Reminder to Cyclists, Motorists - Be Careful During the Morning Commute!

    Boise, Dec. 14, 2007 - Boise Police are urging cyclists, pedestrians and motorists to be cautious after a 14 year old riding his bike rode in front of cars and was hit during the morning commute. 

    Officers issued a citation to the teen on the bike. Investigators say he was in the crosswalk but was crossing against a red light.

    What happened: At 7:30 a.m. this morning, Boise Police were called to an accident at the intersection of Curtis and Emerald. A 14 year old boy on his bike had been hit by a car. A School Resource Officer was nearby and was able to respond to the scene within moments. He found the boy had been knocked off his bike but was talking and moving. The teen was taken to a nearby hospital with a possible leg injury. The boy was crossing Curtis on the southeast corner, headed west. He is a student at Fairmont Jr. High. 

    The motorist had just been stopped at the signal. Officers estimate the motorist was going approx. 10 - 15 mph. when the car hit the boy's bike.Again, investigating officers found the teen was in the crosswalk, however, was crossing against the red light The area is not a school zone. The speed limit in the area is 30 mph. Officers say the motorist who hit the boy says she saw the green light and began to proceed through the intersection, saw the boy, but could not stop in time. The motorist will not be cited.

    In cooperation with Boise Schools, Boise Police would like to pass on the following safety tips for cyclists, and for parents of children who ride their bike to and from school:

  • Wear a bicycle helmet on every ride.
  • Ride so drivers and cyclists can see you. Have reflectors on
    your bike and use a light on the front and back of your bike if it's
    dark outside. Wear bright colored clothing so drivers can see you.
  • Look both ways for oncoming vehicles before turning or crossing
    a street. Go only when it is clear.
  • Watch out for potholes, cracks, rocks, wet leaves, storm grates,
    railroad tracks or anything that could make you lose control of your
  • Make sure your bike fits your height, weight and age.
  • Inflate tires properly.
  • Check brakes before riding.
  • Bikers should ride behind one another and with the flow of
  • In addition, if you walk to school make sure you use sidewalks as much
    as possible and wear light colored or reflective clothing that can be
    seen by motorists.

    Officers would also like to remind motorists that, although in this case the motorist does not appear to be at fault, please drive cautiously while the morning commute is dark and crowded with children on their way to school, pedestrians walking to work, and motorists commuting.