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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

12-11-07 Shoplifting / Refund Fraud Arrests

12-11-07 Shoplifting / Refund Fraud Arrests

    Boise, Dec. 11, 2007 - Boise Police made several arrests in two separate cases Monday, each case involves either shoplifting or retail fraud. Cases like this occur all year, however the awareness is heightened as thieves often try to take advantage of large holiday crowds to disguise their crimes.

    Arrested: Eunice C. Encinas, 18, Boise            

    Charge: Grand Theft

    Arrested: Elisa Vera Guerrero, 21, Caldwell    

    Charge: Grand Theft

    Arrested: Veronica S. Ontiveros, 32, Caldwell

    Charge: Grand Theft, Burglary

    Officers and investigators from the Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit arrested the three at approx. 8:00 p.m. at a retailer in the Franklin, Milwaukee area of Boise after store employees and the officers witnessed the group shoplifting. Officers found stolen clothing valued at approx. $3,000.

    Arrested: Peter Vitale, 38, Boise

    Charge: Burglary

    Arrested: Kathleen J. Jones, 34, Boise

    Charge: Burglary

    Boise Police, working with loss prevention officers from several local retailers identified Jones and Vitale as suspects in, what appears to be an ongoing retail fraud scheme. Officers are still investigating, but believe losses to the stores may run into the thousands. The pair was arrested at a retailer in the Fairview, Five Mile area Monday afternoon by officers who caught the pair in the act of a trying to make a fraudulent return. 

    Boise Police work very closely with loss prevention employees from retailers all over the city to prevent and solve these types of crimes. Officers are advising citizens this holiday shopping season, if they see suspicious activity or possible shoplifting to report it to a store employee immediately.