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Friday, November 16, 2007

11-16-07 Seat Belt Safety - Boise Police Extra Patrols

11-16-07 Seat Belt Safety - Boise Police Extra Patrols

    Boise, Nov. 16, 2007 - Boise Police are in the middle of a two week stretch of extra patrols emphasizing seat belt safety. Officers hope word of the special patrols remind motorists to buckle up so this upcoming holiday season is a safe one.

    Boise Police are taking advantage of a $15,000 grant that pays for officers to work overtime looking for traffic violations that include drivers or other vehicle occupants not wearing a seat.

    The officers involved in the extra seat belt patrols are officers who specialize in traffic enforcement and who often respond to accidents. These officers see first hand the serious injuries that could possibly have been prevented if the people involved were wearing seat belts.

    Boise Police officers and officials at the ITD Office of Highway Safety say motorists in Boise have recently had a good track record of using their seat belts, with studies showing seat belt usage above 80% in the city. However, traffic officers say they've noticed the number of motorists wearing seat belts lately seems to be decreasing. 

    The extra patrols, funded by the ITD grant began Monday, Nov. 12 and run through Sunday, Nov. 25. So far, the officers on special patrol have written citations to more than 400 motorists the Boise found not wearing their seat belts!

    Click It, Don't Risk It! Buckle up and be safe.