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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

11-06-07 Vehicle Burglaries - Suspect Charged

11-06-07 Vehicle Burglaries - Suspect Charged

    Boise, Nov. 6, 2007 - A Boise Police patrol officer, after stopping to talk to what appeared to be two juveniles smoking, ended up discovering the pair was responsible for a series of vehicle burglaries. Thanks to quick work by the officer, the stolen items were returned to the victims before they had even noticed their cars had been broken into.

    Arrested: Brandon M. Fargo, 21, Star

    Charged: Burglary

    A 17 year old male from Boise may also be charged in connection with the burlaries. Detectives have sent the case report onto juvenile prosecutors. Last night, the teen was cited for Possession of Tobacco, a misdemeanor, and turned over to the custody of his parents.

    What Happened: A Boise Police Officer on patrol near Owyhee and Agate Streets just before midnight saw what he believed to be be two teenagers smoking cigarettes. Since minors in possession of tobacco is against state law, the officer pulled over to talk with the pair. He found one man, identified as Fargo to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. 

    After the officer placed Fargo under arrest, the officer found several items in Fargo's jacket that appeared suspicious and possibly stolen. The teenager with Fargo was also found to be in possession of suspicious items. The items included credit cards, several iPods, an iPod charger, cell phones, rolls of quarters, a large roll of $10 dollar bills, and a calculator.

    After some investigation, officers were able to identify four nearby vehicles that Fargo and the teenager had apparently just burglarized. Officers called the owners of the vehicles who confirmed the items found on Fargo and the teen had indeed been inside their vehicles. The stolen items were returned to the rightful owners, including the rolls of coins and cash that apparently had been in a vehicle belonging to a local business owner. Officers say it appears the vehicles had been left unlocked.

    "This is the kind of proactive police work that solves and may even prevent crimes," said Captain Eugene Smith of the Boise Police bench Patrol Division. "This case is also a good reminder for all of us to double check that we lock up our cars and valuables to prevent what are often crimes of opportunity."

    Fargo was found to also be in possession of an iPod reported stolen in a separate vehicle burglary reported a few days earlier. That case remains under investigation.