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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

Contact: BPD Media Relations Office


Monday, October 01, 2007

10-01-07 Airport Officers sworn in as BPD Officers

10-01-07 Airport Officers sworn in as BPD Officers

Main Points of integrating airport policing into BPD:

• Public safety at the airport will remain top priority. The expertise that airport officers have
developed will remain. The public should not notice any difference at the airport outside of
BPD uniforms and patrol cars with BPD markings.

• Continuing the main emphasis of public safety, improvements in communications and
training are expected, coordinating communications and training between officers at the
airport and those who work the surrounding neighborhoods.

• Long term, financial efficiencies are also expected as city taxpayers support a single
police department. The airport will be a separate unit managed within the larger BPD
Bench Patrol Division.

• BPD is working to be sure this is a good move for those officers who have chosen to
work at the airport. Airport officers will be given at least four years to complete education
and training requirements for employment at the Boise Police Department if they chose to
continue their careers with BPD.
Fact Sheet:

Boise Police:
Authorized Strength: 289 Sworn Officers
Civilian Employees: 78
Annual Budget: $42 Million

Boise Airport Police:
Authorized Strength: 30.5 Sworn Officers
Annual Budget: $2 Million

***For more background, please see the news release issued March 13, 2007 by clicking this link