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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

09-26-07 Traffic, Parking, Alcohol Alert for BSU Game Day

09-26-07 Traffic, Parking, Alcohol Alert for BSU Game Day

    Boise, Sept. 26, 2007 - Another BSU football game has fans cheering! Boise Police are reminding citizens who drive to the football games to do so safely, and those who celebrate the team to do so responsibly, so those who live and work near the stadium will continue to have a safe and clean neighborhood.

    Rush Hour Traffic Alert: With game time at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, BSU Fans will be headed to the stadium about the same time as afternoon commuters begin their trips home. Boise Police are advising commuters who use Broadway, Vista and Capitol to be prepared for heavy traffic or use alternate routes to avoid the congestion.

    Parking Alert: To help alleviate traffic during this weekday afternoon game, Boise Police are encouraging BSU fans to plan for heavy traffic, arrive with plenty of time to walk to the stadium, and use the free shuttles offered courtesy of the Downtown Boise Association. Shuttle and parking details follow.

    Officers will be watching for vehicles parked blocking sidewalks, crosswalks and fire hydrants, or parked too close to intersections or stop signs. Penalties: Most parking tickets carry a $36 fine. Some motorists risk being towed if their vehicle blocks a driveway or access way or is parked illegally in an alleyway.

    Alcohol Alert: An increase in people on neighborhood streets and parking lots in the Broadway area prior to the games has resulted in an increase in complaints and concerns about illegal alcohol use. Officers will be patrolling streets and parking lots in the Broadway area watching for illegal alcohol use as well as illegal parking. 

    Officers want to remind citizens to celebrate responsibly. It is a violation of city code to have open containers of alcohol on public streets and sidewalks, and within 250 feet of the greenbelt. This includes private parking lots open to the public (private parking lots with catering permits are the exception). Penalties: Those carrying open containers of alcohol on city streets, sidewalks or parking lots do risk a citation. Illegally possessing an open container of alcohol or urinating in public is a misdemeanor that requires a court appearance with a possible penalty of a fine up to $1,000 or 6 months in jail. The penalty for a minor in possession of alcohol can include a drivers license suspension and/or a fine.

    Free Bronco Shuttle: The downtown Bronco Shuttle is free with stops at:

  • 8th & Idaho
  • 6th & Grove
  • 10th & Main
  • 8th & Broad

    The shuttles run every 15 minutes and stop on Campus Dr. behind the stadium's north End Zone. The shuttles run for two hours prior to the BSU football game and immediately after the game for one hour. Parking in Downtown Boise parking garages for the event is $5.

    BSU Parking Info: The following on-campus parking info is released courtesy of BSU:

1. Stadium Lots: West Stadium/East Stadium/Bronco Circle/Cesar Chavez Lane, will be closed to the public and all permit holders starting
12:30pm on September 27th. All vehicles must be relocated by 1:30 PM or they will be cited and towed out of the lot. The Stadium lots will be
open to BAA Reserved permit holders starting at 1:30PM and those in need of accessible parking. We have 24 handicap spaces in the stadium areas and they are offered on a first come first served basis.

2. Portions of the Denver Lot, Extended Studies general area, and Lincoln Hall general area will be closed all day. BSU general and
reserved permits displaced will be honored in all other general parking lots and the Brady Parking Structure located by the Multipurpose
building, lots starting at 12:30 PM.

3. Most General lots south of University Drive close at 2:30 PM for BAA parking. (Denver, ES, Manitou, Rec Center General, and Michigan and
Beacon lot) The ET reserved and Liberal Arts reserved lots will be closed at 2:30 for disabled parking and BAA permit holders. If you have
parked in any these lots prior to the lot closing you will NOT have to relocate your vehicle. If you arrive at a closed lot, an attendant can
direct you to an open lot where your permit will be honored.

4. Event paid parking will be available in the Lincoln Parking Structure and the Administration lot for $10 starting at 3:30.
Public looking for parking on campus should enter off of Beacon and Lincoln, and head north on Lincoln to the parking structure.

5. Disabled event parking will be available in the stadium lots starting at 1:30 PM. Extra disabled parking will be available in the ET
reserved lot located off of University and Euclid, and at the Lincoln parking structure starting at 3:30.


1. Washington Group International will be open! Event parking will be offered to the public starting at 5:00 p.m. for $5, or free with Regular BAA
permit. Shuttles will be provided at no additional charge to the game.
2. River Quarry, off of Parkcenter Drive will be offering free parking starting at 4:30 p. Fans are able to ride the BSU shuttle to the game for