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Thursday, September 06, 2007

09-06-07 UPDATE: Shooting Suspect Composite; $10,000 Reward Offered by College

09-06-07 UPDATE: Shooting Suspect Composite; $10,000 Reward Offered by College

    Boise, Sept. 6, 2007 - Boise Police have released a composite sketch of the suspect in a weekend shooting that injured three young men. Detectives are urging anyone with any information on a possible suspect to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

    "This is a cruel and violent crime that's left two young men struggling with very serious injuries," said Boise Police Deputy Chief Jim Kerns. "This type of violence is not common and not welcome in our city. We're hoping anyone with any information on who may be responsible will come forward." 

    What Happened: All three victims were students at the Northwest Lineman College in Meridian. They had been in Boise just a week to attend courses at the lineman college. Prior to the shooting, the victims were attending a small gathering at a Boise bench home with other students. 

    According to detectives, witnesses say the shooting was unprovoked and the suspect was unknown to them until a short time prior to the shooting. Witnesses say the suspect was walking down the street on the 1200 blk. of Security Ln. at approx. 2:10 a.m. Monday morning, stopped and made friendly small talk with the victims for about 10 - 15 minutes. 

    The suspect then walked away, according to victims. 5 - 10 minutes later, witnesses say the same man came back, this time wearing a blue bandana on his face concealing his face and carrying a small caliber handgun. Detectives say he fired at least four shots at the victims from very close range. Neighbors report seeing someone run away from the home after the shots were fired. The suspect was last seen on foot.

    Robbery is being investigated as one possible motive for the shooting. Several items were taken from the victims by the suspect immediately after the shooting.

    Victim Injuries: 

  • 19 year old young man from Fallon, Nevada. According to his parents who approved the release of the following information, the young man was shot once in the back of the neck. The bullet impacted his spinal cord. He remains hospitalized on a ventilator in critical condition.
  • 19 year old young man from Liberty Lake, Washington. According to his parents who approved the release of the following information, he was shot once in the mouth. The bullet fragmented and part of the bullet is lodged in his spine. He remains hospitalized on a ventilator in critical condition.
  • 20 year old man from the Phoenix area of Arizona. He was treated and released from the hospital after suffering a shoulder injury.

    "Our prayers go out to the families of the victims," said Deputy Chief Kerns. "The families are also hopeful that by sharing with the community the very serious nature of their son's injuries, that someone with information will realize just how serious this crime is and do the right thing."

    Updated Suspect Description: In addition to the composite sketch, the suspect is described as a hispanic male, approx. 5' 8" tall, 160 lbs in his early 20's with a goatee. He was wearing blue jean shorts, a dark brown polo shirt with horizontal white and yellow stripes, and white socks and white tennis shoes, and was last seen wearing a dark blue bandana concealing his face, carrying a small caliber handgun. 

    Detectives have been following leads in the case but have yet to identify a suspect. 

    Anyone with any information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

    Rewards Offered: Employees of the Northwest Lineman College of Meridian have gathered together their own funds to offer a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect in this case.

    Crime Stoppers also offers a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect, bringing the total reward offered in this case to $11,000.

    "The generous reward being offered by the employees of the Northwest Lineman College is very much appreciated and could be very helpful in prompting someone to come forward with what they know," said Deputy Chief Kerns. "A priority for this department and this community right now is finding who is responsible, and of course, wishing for the best possible recovery for the young victims."

    Family Assistance Fund Set Up: Employees of the Northwest Lineman College have also set up a fund to help the victims families with the staggering medical bills. Anyone may donate to the fund set up through Key Bank as the NLC Victim's Benefit Fund.

    Family Statement: Statement from Scott Askins, father of one of the victims:

    "We would like to thank our friends, family, and the people of Boise for their prayers and well wishes, and ask that everyone keep the prayers going.  We also wanted to thank all the wonderful people at Northwestern Lineman College for their tremendous support.  Although they have only known our boys for just a week, they have acted as if they are one of their own, and the reward is yet another example of that.  They truly have been a bright spot in what I am sure you must know is the most horrific time of our lives. 

    "Finally, we would like to thank the Boise police department for all of their efforts so far, and our mutual desire today is to ask for your help in bringing more leads to this case.  This was a random, horrific act of violence, which frankly just does not make sense, and therefore does not afford us many leads.  These are good boys, whose only mistake was to trust and befriend a stranger.

    "As we sent our boys off to school last week, we never could have imagined such a horrific scenario.  Now we stand here before you desperately needing your help and we ask that anyone that knows anything, may have possibly seen anything, or thinks they may know the guy, to please come forward.  Please, please take the time to study the drawing, and make a conscious choice to be on the alert for anything that may help bring this cold hearted monster to justice.

    "Thank you for your time."

    Statement from Arlene Detomasi, mother of one of the shooting victims:

    "We would like to thank the people of Boise and Meridian, most importantly the lovely family who is hosting us and all the neighbors and friends who have brought food to the hospital and the house. The outpouring of support, especially from the college has helped us through this very challenging time.

    "We do not feel the murderous individual who shot our son is any way representative of this community. We also feel confident the police force will do their jon to the best of their ability in catching the assailant.

    "Our son has a very long road to recovery. Each day he is stringer but has yet to gain any use of his extremities. Again, our thanks to the kind and generous people of Boise and Meridian."