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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

UPDATE: Officers Investigate Telephone Threat to Bank

UPDATE: Officers Investigate Telephone Threat to Bank

UPDATE:     August 30, 2007 - Boise Police Detectives and the FBI have determined that the incident at the US Bank at 101 S. Capitol Blvd. Wednesday does indeed appear connected to a series of telephone threats being made to banks and retail businesses around the country. There is no evidence that the threatening phone call was made from the Boise area.

    The Boise incident is now being investigated by the FBI as part of a larger investigation that connects these cases nationwide. For more information, please contact the Boise or Salt Lake offices of the FBI.

Original Release:

    Boise, August 29, 2007 - Boise Police, along with Garden City Police and federal agents responded this morning to a call of a possible robbery in progress at the US Bank at 101 S. Capitol Blvd.

    After a quick response from patrol, K9, bike, SWAT officers and detectives, it was found there was no robbery and detectives are now investigating who made an angry, threatening phone call to the bank.

    What Happened: At 10:45 officers responded to a call from US Bank that there was a disturbance, possibly a robbery in progress or some sort of threat to employees and customers inside the bank branch inside the US Bank building at 101 S. Capitol Blvd., kitty corner to Boise City Hall in the heart of downtown.

    Officers responded quickly. Those officers first on scene made an initial observation into the bank and saw what appeared to be employees crouched beneath desks. As officers tried to make telephone contact to employees inside the bank, they noticed those employees begin to walk and move about. Employees inside the bank told officers on the phone there was no suspect inside the bank branch at that time. Officers then told bank employees to lock the doors to the bank branch office and to the US Bank building. Entrance to the bank building quickly was re-opened when officers determined that a criminal suspect was not on scene.

    Phone Threat: Further investigation found a man had called into the bank branch, very angry and agitated, making statements about wiring money into an account. The man then began to make verbal threats to bank employees and customers. Detectives are not releasing the exact nature or language used in the threats, but employees of the bank took the telephone call to possibly mean an immediate threat to their safety. Some employees crouched beneath desks, others took customers into the bank vault as a safety precaution where they stayed until they were assured by officers that a criminal suspect was not present in the bank.

    The threat made to the bank was not a bomb threat. Again, details on the exact nature of the threat are not being released by investigators at this time.

    Downtown Streets Closed: Officers closed two main streets through Downtown as a safety precaution while this investigation was underway. Main street was closed  between 9th and 6th Streets, S. Capitol Blvd. was closed between Front and Idaho Streets from approx. 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. Pedestrian traffic on sidewalks immediately around the US Bank building was also restricted for a short time during the investigation. 

    As of 11:30 a.m. - Investigating officers are working with federal authorities and local and corporate US Bank security personnel in trying to locate who made the threatening phone call into the bank. Federal and/or state charges are possible.

     Boise Police want to thank citizens working or doing business for their patience while this incident was investigated.

    Other Related Crimes: Boise Police are aware of similar phone threats being called into stores and businesses throughout the country. BPD is working closely with federal agents to see if this crime is connected.