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Sunday, July 01, 2007

UPDATE: Officers Investigate Shooting

UPDATE: Officers Investigate Shooting

    Boise, July 2, 2007 - Boise Police have arrested a man in connection with a shooting that appears to be a dispute between neighbors.

    Arrested: Diego Morales Peregrina, 36, Boise

    Charged: 2 cts. Aggravated Battery

    Detectives believe that the shooting is related to a dispute between neighbors that turned violent during what witnesses describe as a "loud party" Saturday night on the 10500 blk of Eshelman.

     Detectives say Peregrina is accused of going to the home next door where the party was going on and firing shots that injured two men. One victim remains hospitalized. Peregrina was taken into custody with the help of a police K9 following a short search immediately after the incident. Peregrina was arrested today after being released from a local hospital for treatment following a dog bite.

    Detectives say after Peregrina allegedly fired shots, a 16 year old who was at the party then fired shots into Peregrina's home. The teen is charged with Firing into an Occupied Dwelling. No one was injured during that shooting. Detectives believe they have recovered the gun the teen used. The gun is reported stolen out of Nampa. That investigation continues.


Original Release:

    July 1, 2007 - Boise Police are investigating a shooting that occurred in a neighborhood near N. Hampton & Fairview overnight. Today, two people remain hospitalized after the shooting, one is a person of interest to detectives, the other a victim who was shot in the chest.

   Call of Shots Fired: At 11:08 p.m. Saturday night, June 30th, officers were called to a home on the 10500 blk of Eshelman after a report of shots fired. As officers approached the scene, they could hear more gunshots.

   When the first officers arrived on scene, a supervisor described the scene as "chaotic", officers found approx. ten people including children standing in the front yard of a home. Two people appeared to be suffering from gunshot wounds. Others shouted at officers that a man with a gun was nearby. 

   Victims: Because officers feared a gunman was on the loose and the scene was still considered very unsafe, paramedics were told to stage nearby and officers carried one victim to the nearby ambulance. The second victim was able to follow officers to an awaiting ambulance.

   The first victim had what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the chest. He was admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment and remains hospitalized today.

   The second victim had what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the face. He was treated and released from a local hospital.

   Suspect/Person of Interest: Officers called in a police K9 to help search for a man with a gun that witnesses said had run off. Soon after, a neighbor called police to report someone in their garage. The K9 then tracked that person to a backyard on the 2200 blk of Pilgrim. The man refused officers commands to come out from behind some bushes and officers deployed the K9. The man was then taken into police custody. He was then taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of a dog bite wound. That man, who detectives describe as a person of interest in this case, remains hospitalized today. He has not yet been charged.

   A second person, a male juvenile was also found and questioned. Officers have charged that juvenile, a 16 year old, with firing into an occupied dwelling. The juveniles name and detention status are not being released.

   Officers, with the assistance of the K9, found a handgun near the scene. Detectives are still investigating to determine whether or how the handgun is related to this incident. 

   Ongoing Investigation: Detectives spent the night questioning many witnesses in the neighborhood. It was learned a loud party had been going on at a residence involved, but further details of this shooting is still under investigation.