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Monday, July 09, 2007

Arrest for Impersonating a Police Officer

Arrest for Impersonating a Police Officer

    Boise, July 9, 2007 - Boise Police arrested a man Sunday for Impersonating a Police Officer after he allegedly wrote his name as "Officer" on a calling card.

    Arrested: Mitchell G. Cope, 19, Boise    

    Charged: Impersonating a Police Officer (F)

    Officers located Cope Sunday after he left a business card in the front door of a home identifying himself as a Boise Police Officer. Cope also left his cell phone number with a neighbor of the home identifying himself as an "Officer". Cope had asked the neighbor to call him if the residents of the home, in the area of Broadway & Pennsylvania, returned. Officers were in to the area on an unrelated call and learned of the impersonation after talking with the neighbor and finding the business card.

    "Our community places a huge amount of trust in it's police officers," said Deputy Chief Jim Kerns of the Boise Police Department. "When someone falsely identifies themselves as a police officer, it violates that trust that our police department works very hard to maintain."