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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Update: Indictment on Murder Charges

Update: Indictment on Murder Charges

    Update: June 5, 2007 - This afternoon, after reviewing evidence presented by the Ada County Prosecutor based on a Boise Police investigation, a Grand Jury issued an indictment for 2 cts of 1st degree murder and 1 ct of 1st degree arson against Todd Hagnas.

    Hagnas was arrested Thursday, April 26th  after police and firefighters were called to the residence at 1580 Hisel for a structure fire. After six days of investigation, from April 26 - May 1, Boise Police located and recovered two bodies buried on the Hisel St. property rented by Hagnas.

    Please check the Ada County Courts for a future trial date. Further questions regarding this case should be directed to the Ada County Prosecutors Office.



Boise, May 3, 2007, 2:00 p.m. - Boise Police detectives have learned that the two people whose bodies were recovered at 1580 Hisel St. did, at one time live at the home, apparently as part time roommates with the renter Todd Hagnas.

At this time, the investigation into their deaths continues, and no further details on the investigation are available. Hagnas remains in the Ada County jail on one count of 1st degree Arson.

Released from the Ada County Coroner today:

Homicide Victim: Jeffrey Alan Willett, 48, last known address 1580 W. Hisel St.

Cause of death: Blunt Force Trauma of the Head

Homicide Victim: Jody Collingsworth, 36, last known address 1580 W. Hisel St.

Cause of death: Incised Wound of the Neck.



Boise, April 30, 7:00 p.m. - After five days of investigation, tonight at 5:10 p.m., Boise Police, with the assistance of the Ada County Coroner, removed a second body from the home at 1580 Hisel St.

The two bodies recovered at the home are intact and in various stages of decomposition.

Further investigation on the bodies will be conducted by the Ada County Coroner with the assistance of Boise Police Detectives. For the protection of families, identities of the victims will be released by the Coroner after proper family notification.

Tomorrow morning, investigators expect to wrap up processing any remaining evidence located at the house on Hisel. Detectives will continue following any investigative leads, as well as begin the process of working with Ada County Prosecutors to evaluate the evidence already collected.

Boise Police continue to urge anyone with any information about the resident of the home at 1580 Hisel, Todd Hagnas, to please come forward by calling Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

At this time, teams from the Idaho State Police and the Boise Fire Department have been released from the scene. Boise Police greatly appreciate their assistance and expertise that has proven invaluable.

Boise Police would like to again thank the neighbors for their patience and assistance while this time consuming investigation has taken place.


Boise, April 30, 1:00 p.m. - Boise Police continue to process an extensive and complicated crime scene on the 1500 blk. of Hisel.

Today the focus is on recovery of the human remains found beneath the house where access has been more difficult.

An autopsy is being performed today on the body recovered from the backyard of the home Sunday. At this time, no further information is available.

The investigative team does continue to search side the house today in an effort to be extremely thorough in their recovery processing of any further evidence that may exist.

The cost of processing this extensive and complex a crime scene has not been calculated. The focus continues to be on thorough evidence gathering. Boise Police are extremely thankful to the Boise Fire Department, the Idaho State Police and the Ada County Coroner's Office for contributing resources and expertise that have been invaluable in this investigation.


Boise, April 29th, 7:00 p.m. - After four days of searching and processing the scene, Boise Police investigative teams have recovered a second set of human remains. The body was discovered today in the backyard of the home at 1580 Hisel.

The body was buried in the northeast corner of the backyard. At approx. 6:30 this evening, the body was removed and turned over to the Ada County Coroner.

Investigative teams, including the Boise Police, Idaho State Police, the Ada County Coroner's Office, with the assistance of the Boise Fire Department, continue to work inside and outside the house recovering evidence.

At this time, human remains found beneath the house have not been removed. Investigators continue the painstaking process of searching for and documenting evidence.

Investigators expect to remain on scene for at least the next 2 - 3 days.


Boise, April 29th, 1:00 p.m. - Boise Police, working with crime scene investigators from Idaho State Police, the Ada County Coroner's Office continue to process the scene of an apparent homicide on the 1500 blk. of Hisel St.

Today, with the help of the Boise Fire Department, changes were made to the structure of the home. An opening was cut in an outside wall to allow investigators greater access to the area where human remains have been found, while not disturbing that evidence.

The structural changes were made only after the interior of the home had been thoroughly processed for evidence.

Excavation continues in the backyard of the home regarding the possibility of a second set of human remains. At this time, investigators can confirm the finding of one set of human remains beneath the house.

The search continues for roommates who may have lived with the renter, Todd Hagnas, or anyone who may have information about the crime.


Boise - April 28th, 2007 - Updated: 7:00 p.m. - Boise Police have begun to excavate the backyard of the property at 1580 Hisel Street as investigators continue to search for evidence in an apparent homicide.

The outside excavation site is in response to the information officers initially received regarding the possibility of a second victim. Officers began digging in the backyard this afternoon.

So far, investigators have found NO conclusive evidence of human remains outside the home.

Detectives and crime scene investigators are using simple, small tools to carefully sift through the soil for evidence. The search continues to be painstakingly meticulous.

The investigative team continue to process the scene inside the home for any evidence.

Officers have also worked with an animal welfare and rescue group to assist several animals found on the crime scene. Several reptiles were found in a back bedroom and have been turned over to Animal Control. Several fish and turtles found outside in a front yard pond have also been turned over to a rescue group.


Boise, April 28, 2007, Updated 1:00 pm - Boise Police continue to investigate an apparent homicide discovered Thursday night on the 1500 blk. of Hisel.

Updates, Clarifications available at this time;

Boise Police investigators have discovered what's believed to be human remains from one individual. Officers have information that there may be two sets of remains. The search continues.

Investigators have learned the resident of the home, Todd Hagnas had roommates at this residence from time to time. Investigators are currently trying to locate those individuals.

The Ada County Coroner is assisting Boise PD in the search for evidence with a staff anthropologist on site. Idaho State Police, the Boise Fire Dept., and deputies from the Ada County Sheriff's Office also remain on scene along with experts in crime scene investigation.

Because of the complexities of the scene, investigators continue to take great care as they process this scene, which includes an arson, to discover evidence.


Boise, April 27, 2007, Updated: 3:00 p.m. – Boise Police are currently investigating a possible homicide that appears to have occurred at a home at 1580 Hisel, the same home where police and firefighters were called to yesterday morning in response to an arson fire. Boise Police Detectives have uncovered what they believe at this time to be human remains in the crawl space of the home. The search continues today with Boise Police being assisted by the Ada County Coroner, the Idaho State Police, the Ada County Prosecutors Office and the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

Possible Suspect: Todd C. Hagnas, 38, Boise (resident of the home).
Hagnas was charged Thursday with 1 ct of 1st degree Arson.

The Crime:
Boise Police detectives have information at this time that possibly two homicides occurred at the home.

The Victims:
Boise Police have information on tentative partial identities of the potential victims. Both are acquaintances of the suspect.

The Search: Because of the seriousness of the potential crimes and the location and condition of potential evidence, the search of the crime scene will be painstakingly methodical. Officers expect to be on site searching for the next several days. Please refer to the distributed Media Plan for further regarding regular updates, etc.

What Happened - Time Table:

  • 7:19 a.m. Thursday - Hagnas is believed to be the man who made a suspicious call to police dispatch . The caller did not give a name or address and attempts to locate the caller were unsuccessful.
  • 9:32 a.m. Thursday - A call is placed to 9-1-1 of a house fire on the 1500 blk of Hisel. Dispatchers believe the call is from the same man who made the 7:19 call. Police are dispatched to the Hisel address along with Boise Fire. When firefighters arrive, they found a man sitting in a porch swing just feet from the burning home. Officers arrived moments later and forcibly removed the man, later identified as Hagnas, from the property so firefighters could put out the fire. After some questioning, Hagnas was charged with 1st degree Arson.
  • During the Arson Investigation: While at the scene, investigators, with the help of Boise fire crews, following up on information provided by Hagnas and with concern that there may be an immediate safety concern, officers searched the crawl space of the home. The decaying body of a small dog was found. Searchers then also saw what appeared to be freshly moved dirt nearby. Investigators stopped their search to secure a search warrant.
  • 7:00 p.m., Thursday - After a search warrant is secured, and with the help of Boise Fire crews, Boise Police detectives began further searching beneath the house for any evidence of a human body.
  • Approx 11:00 p.m.,Thursday - Searchers find what appears to be human remains.
  • Friday, April 27 - Boise Police detectives continue their search for human remains with the help of Boise Fire, the Ada County Coroner and Idaho State Police, the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Ada County Prosecutors Office.


Boise, April 27, 2007, 9:00 a.m. – Boise Police are investigating an arson that occurred on the 1500 blk of Hisel in Boise, near Vista and Canal Streets. One man has been arrested in connection with arson.

Boise Police have also secured a search warrant for the residence. Officers have some evidence that other crimes may have occurred on the property and are searching for more evidence to either confirm or eliminate that possibility.

Further details will be posted on the BPD web site as they are released.

Arrested: Todd C. Hagnas, 38, Boise

Charged: 1 ct. 1st degree Arson

What Happened Thursday, April 26th: At 9:32 a.m. Boise Firefighters were called to the residence at 1580 Hisel for a structure fire. Police were also sent to assist fire. When firefighters arrived on scene, they found a man sitting on a porch swing just outside a room where flames were clearly visible.

The man, later identified as Hagnas, would not leave the porch as firefighters requested. Boise Police officers arrived seconds later. Officers forcibly removed Hagnas from the swing so firefighters could contain the fire. The man was combative with firefighters and officers. Firefighters report fire damage to the home was not extensive due to their quick arrival on scene. There is considerable smoke damage to the home.

After some investigation, the resident, Hagnas, was charged with the arson of his own home. Detectives have learned Hagnes rented the property.