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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Child Enticement Arrest

Child Enticement Arrest

     Boise, May 25th, 2007 - Boise Police have charged a man with Enticement after officers witnessed him ask a teenage girl if she wanted a ride. The officers were actually on special patrol looking for just that type of activity following up on several cases of possible enticement reported in bench neighborhoods.

    Arrested:  Jesus Bello Liberato, 21, Mexican Citizen

    Charges:  Child Enticement, Immigration Hold, Failure To Purchase a Drivers license

    "This is a case where children and their parents did exactly the right thing," said Capt. Eugene Smith, Commander of the Boise Police Bench Patrol Division. "They reported suspicious activity to police, and we were able to investigate, and find and arrest a suspect."

    Background: In March, Boise Police began receiving reports of suspicious activity and possible child enticement. March 1st through May 18th, eight such reports were taken in bench neighborhoods from Ustick and Five Mile to Franklin and Orchard.

    "We know these reports are frightening for the children and families involved," said Capt. Smith. "When we saw the pattern developing, officers made this case a priority."

    May 9th, the Boise Police Crime Analysis Unit, while tracking daily reports, noticed the pattern developing of suspicious activity related to possible child enticement. The suspicious activity was occurring  in the afternoons and early evenings on Tuesdays, Thursday & Fridays. The pattern developed by Crime Analysis also provided a similar, although vague possible suspect description: dark skinned, possibly Hispanic male in his late teens or early 20's, driving a dark sedan. The behavior included the sedan's driver asking children and teens if they wanted a ride. In two of the cases, the suspect got out of the car and followed the children some distance on foot.

     "Any single report, unfortunately, didn't have much detail or a good lead for officers to go on," said Capt. Smith. "But combined, the reports revealed information that officers could build on and investigate."

     What Happened When the Pattern was Identified:

  • A Detective with the Special Victims Unit (SVU) began investigating, following up with more victim and witness interviews.
  • Bench patrol officers were alerted to the possible suspect vehicle and suspicious activity.
  • A special team of two officers was designated to patrol during the identified times to look specifically for the suspicious activity and the suspect vehicle.   

    Thursday Afternoon, May 24th:

    At approx. 3:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon, three officers on special patrol near Orchard and Franklin saw a small dark colored sedan slow down. The officers continued to watch as the sedan's driver spoke to a teenage girl walking down the street.

    When the car drove off, the officers spoke to the girl, then stopped the vehicle and detained the driver for further investigation.

    After further investigation, detectives charged Jesus Bello Liberato with Child Enticement in connection with an incident that took place on 5-18-07 at approx 3:30 pm at Curtis and Cassia where the victim was a 15 year old girl.

    More Victims?:

    Boise Police Detectives believe there may be other cases of possible enticement involving this suspect that have not been reported to police. Investigation into other possible incidents continues. If anyone has more information on incidents that may be related, they're urged to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

    Child Safety Tips:  "No - Go- Tell"

    "Each of these reports helped us build this case," said Capt. Smith. "Parents and teachers are giving their kids good lessons on what to look out for, and why they need to tell a parent who can call police right away."

    Boise Police advise the "No - Go- Tell" lesson for children;

  • Yell "No!" when someone asks a child to approach an unknown vehicle or house
  • "Go", run away
  • "Tell" a trusted adult who can call police.

    If the child can remember a good description of the suspicious person or vehicle, parents should give that information to police. However, the child should know, getting to a safe place is the most important thing.