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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Arrest in State Street Incident

Arrest in State Street Incident

Boise, May 16, 2007 - Boise Police have a man in custody after a woman reported he jumped in her car on State St. and demanded a ride. The suspect also violently fought with an officer who spotted him on the street, before passing paramedics helped subdue him and get him into custody.

Arrested: Shane Garver, 30, Garden City

Charged: False Imprisonment, Battery on a Police Offcer, Resisting & Obstructing

What Happened: Shortly before 3:00 this afternoon, a woman called 911 reporting a man had jumped in her car as she drove eastbound at 15th & State, and demanded she give him a ride. The woman told officers she feared for her life and jumped out of the car, taking the keys, then called police.

Shortly after, a patrol officer spotted a man matching the suspect description walking at 16th & Idaho. When the officer tried to talk to the suspect, he began physically fighting with her.

A pair of on duty Ada County Paramedics were passing by, driving an ambulance, saw the confrontation and stopped to help the officer. With the assistance of the paramedics, the suspect was subdued and taken into custody.

"This was quick, alert thinking from the woman motorist who had the presence of mind to grab the keys and run from her car," said Sgt. Clair Walker, the first Boise Police supervisor on scene. "This was a very frightening incident for that motorist, and thanks to a heads up response from patrol officers and these paramedics who just happened to be passing by, we have the suspect in custody."