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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tagger Arrested

Tagger Arrested

      Boise April 17, 2007- Boise Police responded to a call early this morning of a possible burglary in progress, but instead of finding a potential burglar, officers found a man who was spray painting the building with graffiti.

      Officers responded to the call to the 2900 blk. of West Main street at 12:45 this morning. When officers arrived they saw a man on the roof. The man then appeared to try and hide from the officers. Officers also saw what appeared to be fresh paint on a wall of the building.

      With the help of a ladder truck from the Boise Fire Department, officers were able to get up to the roof of the building and take the suspect into custody. The suspect was found armed with 8 cans of spray paint in his backpack. The damage to the property is estimated to be around $300. It's unknown at this time how the suspect gained access to the roof of the building.

      "Tagging is vandalism that truly makes our neighborhood unsightly," said Curt Crum, Supervisor of the Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit.

      "If citizens will call police anytime they see what may be suspicious activity and officers can catch taggers in the act, we can stop the crime before it occurs. It can be difficult to find taggers once the damage has been done, and graffiti is vandalism that none of us want in our neighborhood." said Crum

Arrested: Lazarus James Moon, 19 years old, Boise

Charges: Injury by Graffiti, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting and Obstructing officers, all misdemeanors

Background on Tagging Graffiti:

      Officers say the vast majority of the graffiti seen in Boise City is "tagging", done by vandals known as "taggers" whose motive is exposure, they want their "signature" to be seen by as many people as possible. They compete with each other to place their tagging in places that get the most public exposure or are the hardest places to reach.

     The Boise Police Department strongly encourages people to report, then remove graffiti.  
     To report graffiti, call non-emergency dispatch at 377-6790, or report it online at, click on the Report a Crime Online link.
     Detectives say the vast majority of graffiti seen in Boise is "tagging", not gang related, as in the arrest made overnight.