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Chief of Police

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tip from Taxi Driver Helps Police Nab Burglar

Tip from Taxi Driver Helps Police Nab Burglar

      Boise, March 22, 2007 - Boise Police arrested a man for burglary overnight after a tip from an observant cab driver.

      Arrested: Nathan Lynn Stitt, 25, Nampa

      Charged: Burglary, Resisting & Obstructing Officers.

      What Happened: About 1:16 a.m. this morning near 18th & Main, an officer was flagged down by a taxi driver. The taxi driver alerted the officer to what he thought was a car burglary in progress. The taxi driver told the officer he had been cruising the area looking for fares when he noticed a pick up truck with the driver's side window broken out. As the taxi driver went past the truck, he noticed the passenger side window had also been broken out and he saw what he thought was someone inside the truck digging around.

      Officers responded to the alleyway just behind where the truck was parked. The saw a man in a white t-shirt who appeared to be hiding behind a church. When the man saw officers, he ran. Officers chased the man on foot and soon found him hiding in some bushes.

      Officers then located the owner of the burglarized pick up who was able to describe several items that were missing. Officers walked back to where the suspect was initially found hiding. On the way, in the alley, they found a garbage can with items that appeared to match those the victim said had been taken from the truck.

      "That citizen (the taxi driver) was alert to his surrounding, saw something wrong and quickly notified an officer," said Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson. "That kind of alertness is a big assistance to officers who need the eyes and ears of citizens to help keep our neighborhoods safe."       

      Thanks to the quick arrest of the suspect, the victim in this case, a man from Weippe, Idaho, was able to have some of the stolen items returned to him. Other items will be returned to the victim as soon as they are process by the Boise Police Crime Lab.