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Friday, February 23, 2007

Dangerous Road Hazard

Dangerous Road Hazard

     Boise, Feb. 23rd 2007 - Boise Police are investigating a serious and preventable road hazard that has shown up at least twice in the last two months.

     At approximately 8:00 yesterday morning officers were dispatched to the corner of Victory road and Bedford after a motorist struck a barrier made of saran type wrap stretched across the intersection. The plastic wrap had been run several times creating a thick barrier. This is the second time in as many months this intersection has been targeted with the plastic barrier.

     "This is not a joke. This is a very reckless activity and creates a serious hazard to the motoring public." said Sergeant Paul Burch. On two occasions full size vehicles broke the barrier making a loud pop. If a motorcycle, or a bicycle were to strike these hazards, serious injuries could result.

     The person, or persons, who have been placing this road hazard could face misdemeanor charges of obstructing a road per Idaho code 18-3907. If someone were to be injured as a result of this activity, they could face felony charges.

     Anyone with information about this incident is urged to call Crimestoppers at 343-COPS.


Release Prepared By:

Charles McClure

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