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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two Suspects Arrested in Stolen Check Case

Two Suspects Arrested in Stolen Check Case

Boise, Jan. 23, 2007 - Boise Police arrested a man wanted on a $750,000 warrant, after he was involved with an acquaintance who tried to pass stolen checks at a local retailer.

    The second man was also arrested after using his real ID to try and cash the stolen checks, leaving his ID at the retailer. Store security personnel kept an eye on the suspects until police arrived.

      Arrested: Aaron Mathew Smith, 32, Boise 

      Charged: Conspiracy to Commit Grand Theft, Resisting and Obstructing Officers, as well as the $750,000 FTA warrant (Smith was on the run from Probation and Parole).

     Arrested: Christopher Gibb Landell, 22, Boise

     Charged: Grand Theft

     What Happened: At 1:22 p.m. Monday, Jan, 22nd, Officers were called to a retailer at Cole & Fairview. Store clerks had called police after a man later identified as Landell, tried to cash a payroll check, then left the store when clerks questioned him, leaving behind his ID.

      Store personnel say they watched Landell get into a vehicle driven by another man and go to a nearby retailer. Store personnel provided officers with a description of the men and the vehicle.

     Officers located the vehicle still parked behind the nearby business. As officers approached the car, the driver, Smith, got out and ran on foot into the nearby Winco parking lot. Officers were able to stop Smith and take him into custody. Landell was arrested inside the nearby retailer.

      Officers searching the vehicle found approx. 30 stolen checks. Investigators later learned the checks had been stolen from a Meridian business. Officers are still investigating how the stolen checks came into the suspects possession.