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Monday, January 01, 2007

Lateral Entry Hiring Announced

Lateral Entry Hiring Announced

For additional information, or to apply for the BPD Lateral Entry Program click here!

    - Boise Police are announcing an aggressive new hiring program, aimed at attracting experienced, qualified officers to serve Idaho's Capital City.

    With support from Mayor Dave Bieter and the Boise City Council, the department has secured funding to bump up the starting pay for newly hired officers with three or more years patrol experience. The Lateral Entry pay incentives will be a permanent addition to the department's hiring program, and will be available to officers applying immediately.

    "This program rewards officers for the experience they bring to the department and the City of Boise," said Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson. "Lateral Entry is a contemporary business practice that many police agencies locally and nationwide have already adopted. It reflects the challenging but healthy competition among agencies for quality officers."   

    The timing of this program coincides with a large number of retirements from the department. As these baby boomer generation officers begin to retire, coupled with the dynamic growth of the city, hiring is expected to remain a major issue for the department.

    Currently, Boise PD has 20 openings, largely due to recent retirements. Another 20 officers are eligible to retire before the end of 2007.

    "Boise is now the third largest city in the Northwest," said Masterson. "Citizens here expect high quality police services. We have to keep up with best practices in hiring, as well as retention, and Lateral entry hiring benefits are one important way we can do that."    

Boise Police Department - Lateral Entry Program

Fact Sheet

    What is “Lateral Entry”?

     A Lateral Entry program will allow experienced officers to join the Boise Police Department at a salary level based on their relevant law enforcement experience.

    Who is eligible for hire under a Lateral Entry program

     BPD’s new Lateral Entry program will be available for officers with patrol experience from state, county or city law enforcement agencies. Boise PD will focus it's recruiting efforts on experienced officers within Idaho, as well as other Northwest and Western states, along with advertising nationally.

    How to Apply?

For additional information, or to apply for the BPD Lateral Entry Program click here!

    Benefits of a Lateral Entry program?

    A Lateral Entry program will benefit the citizens of Boise by having new officers trained and ready to serve them faster and for less cost, since it eliminates the need for a 10 week introductory training period (the POST Academy).

    The employees will come to the City with training and experience, saving the department both time and labor costs. A Lateral Entry program will allow BPD to better attract and hire quality police officers to serve our city.

For additional information, or to apply for the BPD Lateral Entry Program click here!