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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Home Depot Investigator Commended

Home Depot Investigator Commended

Boise, January 9, 2007 – Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson is presenting a Citizens Commendation tonight to an Asset Protection Investigator from Home Depot, thanking him for his assistance in a major retail fraud investigation.

Working with a fraud investigator from the BPD Crime Prevention Unit, Home Depot employee Joshua Toulouse helped uncover what’s believed to be an elaborate retail refund fraud scheme. In the six months the suspects were believed to be working the scheme, losses are estimated at $105,000 for Home Depot and other home improvement stores.

Boise Police began investigating the case last August.

According the Home Depot executives, this is one of the largest fraud cases ever to victimize their stores.

Recently, Ada County Prosecutors charged two men in connection with the case. A third suspect was arrested earlier on unrelated charges that were a direct result of the retail fraud investigation.

• Arrested Jan. 8 - Donald Ricky, 35, Meridian

Charged: Burglary, Grand Theft, Forgery

• A warrant has been issued for the arrest of: Dennis Michael Morgan, 20, Boise - Grand Theft.

• Also implicated in the investigation: suspect John Scott Meier. Meier is currently facing charges of Sexual Exploitation of a Child. These very serious child abuse charges are a direct result of the   investigation that began with Meier’s alleged involvement in the retail fraud scheme.


Background: Since July, 2005, Boise Police have designated one investigator, Corporal John Tudbury to work with local retail stores on retail fraud schemes. Since July of 2005, this investigator, working in the Boise Police crime Prevention Unit has been responsible for the following:

• $545,000 in items recovered

• 1,180 arrested

• 880 felony counts charged

• Some amounts of methamphetamine and cash have also been recovered along with stolen   merchandise.