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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Increased DUI Patrols; Record number of DUI Arrests for Boise City

Increased DUI Patrols; Record number of DUI Arrests for Boise City

Boise Police Top 2,000 DUI Arrests for 2006;

Increased DUI Patrols for the Holidays

Boise, Dec. 12, 2006 - Boise Police, for the first time, have made more than 2,000 DUI arrests in one year. Through November, Boise Police have made 2087 DUI arrests, including 184 arrests in November, totaling a 19% increase over this time last year. Beginning Dec. 15th through Jan. 1, Boise Police will have extra officers on the streets watching for impaired drivers, thanks to a grant from the Idaho Transportation Department's Office of Highway Safety.

The city's aggressive stance against drunk drivers is also highlighted by figures from the Boise City Attorney's office. Boise City Attorneys have a DUI conviction rate of 98%, less than 1% of defendants are acquitted at trial, and charges are reduced in less than 1% of Boise City DUI cases.

Boise City DUI Enforcement Stats:

  • DUI Arrests in Boise City Jan. through Nov.: 2087 arrests, a 19% increase over 2005.
  • Cases Prosecuted:  2,465 in fiscal 2006, 1,946 DUIs in fiscal 2005.
  • Boise City DUI Conviction rate: 98%.
  • Boise Accidents involving Impaired Drivers: 2005 - 305 (2004 - 284).
  • Extra Holiday DUI Patrols: weekends, Dec. 15 through Jan. 1
  • ITD Grant to BPD for Extra Patrols: $15,300, largest ever for BPD, largest awarded in state.
  • Grant will pay for approx. 310 hours BPD Officer Overtime on the Holiday DUI patrols.
  • MADD Idaho has seen an increase of referrals for services for victims and families of drunk driving crashes.
  • more DUI stats and info at

"For our officers, it's not about breaking arrest records, it's about safety on our roadways," said Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson. "Many people learn from a DUI arrest, but we continue to arrest repeat offenders. An impaired driver is a dangerous driver. As long as people chose to drive impaired, our officers will continue to be aggressive with DUI enforcement. "  

"The chances are very good, if you get arrested for a DUI in Boise, you will be convicted," said Cary Colaianni, Boise City Attorney. "The very high conviction rate demonstrates the priority we place on these cases, the dedication of our prosecutors and the professional way in which the Boise Police Department operates."

Chief Masterson is praising the entire department for aggressive DUI enforcement, and especially the Boise PD Night STEP team (STEP is Special Traffic Enforcement Program). Night STEP is made up of eight officers specially trained in DUI recognition and arrest procedures. Since June of 2002, the Night STEP team has been led by Sgt. Bryan Hagler. Since Sgt. Hagler joined Night STEP, DUI arrests have increased 62%. Sgt. Hagler is leaving Night STEP for another patrol assignment after January 1.

"Accidents involving impaired drivers are a preventable crime, " said Chief Masterson. "Our officers see the impact these accidents have on innocent victims. Indeed some officers, including Sgt. Hagler have been the victim of a DUI accident themselves. Sgt. Hagler has dedicated a good portion of his career to keeping drunk drivers off Boise streets, and we'll never know how many citizens have been spared injury or heartache because of his leadership."

"Through law enforcement, prosecutors & other community resources we are letting people know that drunk driving and the destruction of our family, friends and community will not be tolerated." said Lisa Reed of Boise, a board member for MADD Idaho.

"The Boise Police Department STEP team and saturation patrols are an example of high visibility law enforcement making a difference. We commend Boise City Prosecutor's office for their commendable DUI conviction rate that tells the public we're serious when it comes to drunk driving." said Reed.