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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Deputy Chief Mike Webb to Retire

Deputy Chief Mike Webb to Retire

Boise, Dec. 14, 2006 - Boise, Dec. 13, 2006 - Deputy Chief Mike Webb will retire from the Boise Police Department effective Dec. 25th, 2006. Chief Webb has served with distinction as a Boise Police Officer for the past 27 years.

Chief Webb is retiring after accepting a position with the humanitarian aide group Air Serv International. Webb and his wife Joanne will relocate to Air Serv's home base in Warrenton, Virginia.

Chief Webb was promoted to Deputy Chief for the Boise Police Department in January of 2004. As Deputy Chief of Operations he has been involved in leadership and management of all patrol and criminal investigative functions in the department. Prior to his promotion to Deputy Chief, Webb served as a Captain in Patrol and of the Criminal Investigation Division.

Webb was awarded the Police Star in 1995 after he and another officer jumped on and stopped a runaway train approaching the busy Towne Square Mall. He was also named Police Officer of the Year 2004-2005 for the American Legion State of Idaho, a regional winner of that title, and runner up to National American Legion Police Officer of the Year Award.

"I have viewed my entire career, both with the Boise Police Department and the Idaho Air Guard, as a community service. My heart has always been in my work, trying to save lives and bring hope to people touched by difficult circumstances," said Chief Webb.  

"Boise is my family's home, and Idaho has been a wonderful place for my wife and I to live and raise our children. The people of Idaho have always been generous with time and treasure when they see a need. I hope to carry that Idaho spirit of strength and compassion to those in need worldwide." said Webb.

"Deputy Chief Webb has helped guide this department through many changes and improvements, and we are a stronger organization for his leadership," said Chief Michael Masterson. "Mike Webb's commitment to service has become a foundation for this department. He's carrying that dedication to service into his new position, but he will be very much missed here in Boise"

Chief Webb began his career with the Boise Police Department in August of 1979.  He was first assigned to the Airport and University during initial training.  He worked uniformed patrol, and was member of a Repeat Offender Unit in the 80's. After being promoted to Sergeant, Webb served in many roles to include hostage negotiator, special operations unit, and after being promoted to Lieutenant, he commanded these units till his retirement. 

Chief Webb has also served Idaho as a pilot and Lieutenant Colonel in the Idaho Air National Guard. He is a veteran of 3 wars and most recently Operation Iraqi Freedom.  In 2006 he served as a civilian pilot delivering humanitarian aid to Afghanistan through Nampa-based Pac-Tec.