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Friday, December 22, 2006

BPD Impound Unit Goes Proactive

BPD Impound Unit Goes Proactive

Boise December 22nd 2006, Boise Police Impound Unit technicians are going proactive in their quest to make Boise city streets safer, and cleaner.

The Boise PD Vehicle Impound Unit receives calls throughout the year from residents who see abandoned or illegally parked vehicles in their neighborhoods. Last year the unit received 4660 calls about abandoned vehicles and towed approximately 730 of those vehicles in Boise. This call load keeps impound specialists busy most of the year. In the winter months the call load generally slows down. As a result, specialists have begun proactively seeking vehicles on the roadways that violate specific regulations or create a hazard to motorists and residents.

    Some of the more frequent violations that can result in a vehicle impound while parked on a city street include...

-Vehicles with no license plates or expired registrations parked on a city street.

-Vehicles with ficticious license plates parked on a city street.

-Vehicles that are obviously abandoned or a hazard to citizens parked on a city street.

-Unlicensed recreational vehicles or trailers being used for long term storage or garbage.

Boise city code stipulates that a vehicle parked in the city right of way for more than 72 hours without being moved can be subject to impound. However, impound specialists are concentrating on vehicles that have been abandoned for long periods of time, create safety hazards, or include other legal violations.

Specialists hope that getting the word out to owners of vehicles that may fall in this category can prevent the inconvenience of an impound.


Release prepared by:

Charles McClure

Boise Police Public Information