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Monday, November 13, 2006

Mail Fraud Arrest

Mail Fraud Arrest

Boise, Nov. 14, 2006 -  What began as a drug bust has turned into what Boise Police detectives are calling one of the biggest mail fraud cases ever in the city. Officers estimate about 200 people in several Boise bench neighborhoods are victims of theft and possibly fraud after checks, credit cards and other stolen mail were found in a drug house. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 8th, Neighborhood Contact Officers, patrol and narcotics detectives served a search warrant at a home on the 3900 blk. of Palouse. Inside, officers found meth and related paraphernalia. They also found stolen mail - lots of it. After some investigation, officers believe a woman has been stealing from bench-area mail boxes, taking both incoming and outgoing mail, beginning approx. the week of Oct. 23rd. Officers found hundreds of pieces of stolen mail including checks, credit cards, Netflix videos, birthday cards with empty money envelopes, even a coin collection - with the coins missing.

    Boise Police Detectives have turned over the stolen mail to U.S. Postal Inspectors. Postal officials say citizens who had their mail stolen should be notified by the Post Office within the next two weeks. Officers have identified the area where most of the victims lived as roughly south of Overland between Orchard and Broadway.

    Arrested: Robin A. Wilson, 24, Boise

    Charged: Grand theft, Forgery, Possession of a controlled substance, Possession of paraphernalia.

    Also arrested for at the scene was Brent Lee Hatch, 28 for Possession of forged checks, however the charges are not connected to the stolen mail. Officers are seeking arrest warrants for two others on associated drug charges.

    Officers have these tips to prevent becoming a victim of mail theft:

  • Don't send outgoing mail from home. Place it in a Post Office or other secured collection box.
  • Never send cash through the mail.
  • When receiving checks or credit cards, have them delivered to a secure location like your bank or place of business.
  • Pick up mail from your home box as soon as you can. If you cannot regularly pick up your mail from your home mail box, use a post office box or have the postal service do a vacation hold.