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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Free Towing for Abandoned Vehicles in November

Free Towing for Abandoned Vehicles in November


Boise, Dec. 1, 2006 - According the Naylor Towing, more than 80 vehicles (plus one camper and one fork lift) were towed as part of this special program, which means 80-plus abandoned vehicles are no longer sitting in Boise neighborhoods! Stay tuned, Naylor Towing and the city may repeat the program in the spring!

"I am pleased to see that we had such a robust response to this program. Just one junk car can have a serious negative impact on a neighborhood," said Boise Mayor Dave Bieter. "As we work toward making Boise the most livable city in the country, creative and collaborative programs like this can make a huge difference."


Boise, Nov, 3, 2006 - Boise City leaders are pleased to partner with one of Idaho's most established towing companies, in helping spread the word about an important neighborhood initiative: free towing of abandoned vehicles for the month of November.

Naylor Towing, in conjunction with Dillon Auto Parts and Barger Mattson Auto Salvage  have offered to pick up non-running cars or trucks in Boise and Garden City for NO CHARGE the month of November. This offer will save vehicle owners the tow free, which normally runs approx. $75.

Abandoned Vehicles are a huge issue/complaint in many Boise neighborhoods. In 2005, the Boise Police Department responded to more than 5,000 calls for abandoned vehicles, making it the second highest citizen call for service behind traffic accidents.

"Abandoned cars can truly degrade the appearance of the neighborhood," said Fred Fritchman, a leader in the Southeast Boise Neighborhood Association. "Abandoned cars cluttering streets can discourage people from buying a home, and our neighborhoods need that investment."

"When I attend neighborhood association meetings residents share with me their frustration in dealing with junker cars left on streets or in driveways that create an eyesore." said Boise Mayor Dave Bieter. "For people without the resources to get these vehicles removed, this will be an enormous help. We hope folks will spread the word to friends, family and neighbors about this great opportunity."

"We're doing this for free to say thank you," said Bill Cullen of Naylor Towing. "The community has supported our companies for years and this is a service we can provide to give back."

    To take advantage of the free towing offer during the month of November:

  • You must have a clear and signed title to the vehicle present at the time of towing.
  • The vehicle must be free of garbage and debris.
  • Flat or no tires are OK.
  • Call Naylor Towing at 343-0712 to arrange for vehicle pick up.

    Police Chief Michael Masterson says the Free Towing initiative is a terrific compliment to the recent, more aggressive approach the Boise Police Department is taking in locating abandoned vehicles.

"We've found many of these vehicles are being used as on-street storage, which is illegal under city code," said Chief Masterson. "We'll try to work with vehicle owners if there's a special circumstance, but for the benefit of the entire neighborhood, our streets can't be used as storage spaces."

Boise City Code says a vehicle may only sit for 24 hours before it must be moved. The vehicle must also have a current registration to be parked on the streets. If a citizen calls in a complaint, or if BPD employees locate vehicles marked longer than 24 hours, the vehicle is marked with a bright orange sticker and a form alerting the owner that the vehicle must be moved. If it is not moved within 48 hours, the vehicle is towed and the registered owner is responsible for towing and storage fees.