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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Crime Stoppers Campaigns Against Construction Site Crime

Crime Stoppers Campaigns Against Construction Site Crime

    Boise, October 3, 2006 – Boise area Crime Stoppers, in partnership with leading area builders and law enforcement throughout the Treasure Valley is introducing a new campaign aimed at cutting crime at construction sites.

    Leaders in the home building industry today joined Crime Stoppers and police in unveiling new “Stop Signs”. The signs can be posted at any construction site valley-wide. The signs are shaped and colored like a red stop sign. They urge anyone with information on construction site crimes, like burglary, theft and vandalism to call Crime Stoppers.

    “Crime Stoppers is an established, effective program in the Treasure Valley that solves crimes,” said Ken Rhoades of BMC West. Rhoades is also a Crime Stoppers board member.  It was Rhoades who thought up the signs, and BMC West who has paid for the initial printing.

    “We're going to use the Crime Stoppers resources to help us in the construction industry to find those responsible for these crimes and hopefully, put a real dent in them."

    Rhoades says thefts, burglaries and vandalism are having a major impact on construction operations.

    "The lost supplies and the time it takes to repair or replace them has a ripple affect, delaying schedules and increasing costs. We think the Crime Stoppers program will increase awareness and empower people to be watchful and report anything suspicious." said Rhoades."

    To get the signs, builders should call their local law enforcement agency or Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS. Crime Stoppers is requesting a donation in return for the signs. The donations will help support the Crime Stoppers program and pay for additional printing.

    The first signs were posted today at the Red Feather, a Corey Barton subdivision still under construction in West Boise. Holly Haener of Corey Barton Homes supports the Crime Stoppers signs program and agrees that crime at construction sites is costly in many ways.

    "It's becomming a bigger problem," said Haener. "We're seeing more vandalism, and thieves taking small items like tools and large items like cabinets and light fixtures. Not only are those expensive to replace, but it can be a real emotional loss for the home buyer who may have to delay a closing. We think Crime Stoppers can help find those responsible for these crimes."

    Curt Crum of the Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit says recent cases show items stolen at construction sites are being sold or traded for drugs, or, if the items are new, returned to stores for refunds.

The Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit has these tips for builders:

  • Lock up tools, trailers, homes and buildings at all construction sites.
  • Record and keep serial numbers of tools, fixtures and appliances.
  • Paint tools bright colors. That makes them more difficult to sell and less likely to get stolen.
  • Work with neighbors to watch the site and ask them to call police if they see or hear anything suspicious.

Construction Site Crime June 1 - thru Sept.:

Boise City:

Burglary = 9

Thefts = 16

Vandalism/Graffiti = 7

Of those crimes reported at construction sites, the majority (47%) of the offenses committed were a theft, followed by burglary (26%) and reported incidents of vandalism (20%). Of the 16 theft incidents and 9 burglaries reported, the targeted items are construction equipment and materials (48%), followed by tools (32%) and miscellaneous items (20%) such as cash, wallet etc.

Canyon County:

Burglary = 11

Vandalism = 1