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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Officer Injured During DUI Stop

Officer Injured During DUI Stop

Teen Charged in Adult Court

Boise, Sept. 6, 2006 - A Boise Police Officer is recovering at home after being dragged by a car as a teenager tried to drive away during a drunk driving investigation. Ada County Prosecutors have charged the teen in adult court with Battery with Intent to Commit a Serious Felony on a Police Officer. The charge carries a potential sentence of up to 25 years in prison.

    Injured Officer: Officer Dan Lister, a 3 year veteran of Boise PD, assigned to Bench Patrol.

Officer Lister was badly bruised and is suffering from a back injury sustained during the incident. He was treated and released from the hospital this morning. He is expected to be at home recovering for the next several days.

    Arrested: Yefrem F. Khrestsov, 17, Meridian

    Charged: Battery with Intent to Commit a Serious Felony on a Police Officer.

    What Happened: An officer witnessed a silver Honda drive through a red light at the intersection of Fairview and Cole about 12:53 a.m. The officer requested assistance from any nearby patrol officers as he pulled over the Honda, making the traffic stop in the parking lot of Cole Elementary School.

Officer Lister arrived to assist with the traffic stop. The driver of the Honda had gotten out of the vehicle and was being given field sobriety tests when both officers heard the car's engine start up. Officer Lister leaned into the car and saw the passenger trying to slide into the drivers seat. As officer Lister attempted to take the keys out of the vehicle to stop the car, the man inside stepped on the gas pedal and quickly accelerated. The driver then turned the car toward a very large tree which hit the Officer. Officer Lister was dragged by the car approx. 200 feet, around the corner of the parking lot, before the vehicle crashed into the school building. At that time, after the crash, Officer Lister was able to turn the car off, take the keys, and prohibit the man from driving away.

As other officers soon arrived to assist, Officer Lister was taken to a nearby hospital.

    The original driver of the car was arrested for drunk driving. He is Anatoly Altman, 23 of Vancouver, Washington.

The teen who tried to drive away, dragging Officer Lister was taken into custody and charged with the above offense as an adult in Magistrate Court this morning. Khrestsov is in the Ada County Jail (in juvenile custody) on a $150,000 bond.