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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

BSU Parking Patrols

BSU Parking Patrols

Boise, Sept. 6, 2006 - Boise Police are urging motorists to park legally or take free shuttles to avoid having a parking ticket put a damper on Thursday's BSU football game. In response to residents living around the Boise State Campus, Boise City will increase efforts to monitor parking around Bronco Stadium Thursday.

Boise City Parking Control (not BPD) will have two additional parking enforcement officers patrolling the streets around the stadium. Boise Police will also have extra patrols monitoring traffic. The officers will be watching specifically for motorists who park blocking sidewalks, crosswalks and fire hydrants, or park too close to intersections or stop signs. Most parking tickets carry a $35 fine. Some motorists risk being towed if their vehicle blocks a driveway or access way or is parked illegally in an alleyway.

"This has become a chronic neighborhood issue for the residents around Boise State," said Chief Michael Masterson. "The city is trying to be more responsive to the residents concerns about safety and liveability in their neighborhood."

Boise Police encourage motorists to take advantage of the free shuttles offered by the Downtown Boise Association. According to the DBA, the shuttles, operated by Boise Tours and Sponsored by Food Services of America will run two hours prior to and immediately after game time.

Downtown pick ups will occur every 15 minutes at these convenient downtown locations:

  • Corner of 8th & Idaho Street (Central Downtown)
  • Corner of 6th & Grove Street (East End/Old Boise)
  • Corner of 10th & Main Street (West End)
  • Corner of 8th & Broad Street (South/BoDo)

Drop off and return pick up at Boise State University will be on Campus Lane, behind the stadium north end zone.

    Event Parking in Public Parking Garages during home games is $5. Show your game ticket to the parking attendant on the way out to receive the event parking rate. On-street parking after 5pm is free, and please follow instructions for parking rates at private lots.