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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Unsolved Homicide

Unsolved Homicide

Boise, August 3, 2006 - Boise Police detectives are still searching for leads in a ten year old murder case that, so far, remains unsolved.

Detective Mark Ayotte, who has worked the case since the beginning, and the victim's mother, Anna Young of Boise made a public appeal today to anyone with information about the crime to come forward, stressing that it's not too late to solve the case and bring badly needed answers for the victim's family.

"We know someone who was willing to take another persons life has yet to be held accountable," said Det. Ayotte. "We think this case can be solved and we would like to do that."

    Background: The night of August 10th, 1996, Fili Young, 22 of Boise was attending a large party at a home at 4th & Broad in Boise. The party was crowded with teens and adults. Young was there with several friends. An argument began that turned into a fist fight in the street between Young and another man. A large crowd gathered in the street to watch the fight. 

Here is what police know about what happened next: Someone in the crowd pulled a small caliber handgun.The gun may have changed hands until finally it was fired at least twice hitting Fili in the arm and torso. Fili Young was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Another person in the crowd pulled out a rifle and also shot the man Fili was fighting with. That man was injured seriously but did recover.

Charges were never filed against either shooter. In both cases, a crowd estimated to be as many as 50 - 80 people were present at the time of the shooting, and despite efforts by some witnesses, no suspect was ever identified. Investigators believe other witnesses have been reluctant to come forward with crucial information.

What officers are hoping for: 10 years has passed since the deadly shooting of Fili Young. His family has quietly struggled with the loss that continues to be a hardship. Officers and Young's family hope that someone who witnessed the shooting, and possibly has grown with a family of their own today or who perhaps has struggled with their own silence for the past decade, will step forward and provide officers with a crucial piece of information or evidence. 

Anyone with any information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS. Callers can remain anonymous and can be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.