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Chief of Police

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Woman burned By Bottle Rocket

Woman burned By Bottle Rocket

Boise, July 3, 2006. On Monday night, at approximately 11:30, a 21 year old Boise  resident was walking through an apartment complex in the area of Vista and Overland, when a “Bottle Rocket”descended from the sky and struck her. Her shirt caught fire, and she suffered burns to her skin. She was treated at a local hospital, and later released. Officers are currently investigating the incident.

Bottle Rockets are fireworks designed to be shot into the air, and they can travel a considerable distance before landing. They are illegal to use in Boise, as are virtually all fireworks that either leave the ground or explode.

Boise Police urges the citizens of Boise to be cautious during the Fourth of July holiday, and to refrain from using illegal fireworks, due to the fire hazard as well as the potential hazard to people. Lieutenant Steve Myers reports that, “Citizens also need to remember that it is unsafe and illegal to discharge firearms within the city limits. We get reports every July fourth of  people firing shotguns and rifles into the air, and we take these incidents very seriously.”

Media Release Prepared by: Lt. Steve Myers, Watch Commander. 377-6790.