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Thursday, June 15, 2006

OIA Report

OIA Report

Boise, June 19, 2006 – In releasing the annual Internal Affairs report to the Boise City Council, Police Chief Michael Masterson noted a significant 51% drop in citizen complaints last year from the year before.

The drop in citizen complaints came despite an increase in calls for police service and city population. The decrease in complaints reflects a downward trend over the past five years.

Citizen complaints have dropped 75% from 2001.

"At a time when our city is growing, this report tells us what a tremendous job our law enforcement professionals are doing," Mayor David Bieter said. "Community policing is all about customer service, and the Boise Police Department continues to make that one of its highest priorities."

“I believe these figures reflect a dedicated effort by police employees to keep service and safety top of mind,” said Chief Masterson. “Police often come into contact with citizens during times of high stress. Insuring public safety, insuring officer safety and delivering quality service in the field is something this department can be proud of.”

Also notable in 2005 pursuits dropped to just 18, down from 33 in ;04, a 45% decrease.

Use of Force reports were up in 2005 to 151 from 123, with the majority of the increase coming from a change in reporting required the use of lower levels of force to be reported (noted under soft empty hand control, report page 8).

Citizen Complaints:

2005 = 33

2004 = 67

2003 = 74

2002 = 117

2001 = 133

Boise City Population:

2005 = 208,219

2004 = 200,062

Calls for Police Service:

2005 = 196,916

2004 = 195,418